Lets end the daft muddle, and start poking into the dark puddle

As more details emerge of the Rotherham ‘UKIP foster parents’ case, it is I’m afraid turning into a classic of the kind I witnessed several times on the ground in Plymouth and Stafford three years ago.

The blood parents of the kids are Roma immigrants. They have had four children taken off them since arriving in the UK. Their eldest daughter has in turn had her child removed. In all the cases, the reasons are shrouded in cod-social engineering double-talk about “culturally inappropriate behaviour”. Romas have indeed in the past failed to impress host populations (they appear in many cases to be tinkers and generally disliked by populations from Italy via France to Northern  Ireland. I have met two ‘real’ Romanians in the last six months who regard the Roma as a pestilence.

But whatever the truth of the matter might be, on the one hand the Harmanites drivel on about multiculturalism, and on the other, the minute the obvious socially divisive and costly care effects of it come to light, those same idiots are at the head of the queue to condemn it.

The parallel with Stafford is hard to avoid. There, welfare dependency, weak familial structures and loose morals both espoused and encouraged by the Establishment since the 1970s have resulted in chaotic lives, horrendous crime levels, massive one-parent families, and – naturally – record numbers of children being removed from mothers who can’t cope. Lumped together with these, however, are single parents coping perfectly well…yet finding themselves tarred with the same brush. Social workers cover up the evidence of their bad judgements by variously bribing psychiatrists to support them, roping in the police to raid ‘suspect’ homes, paying neighbours to testify against families, and using the secrecy of the Family Courts.

Finally, either because they believe Harmanite tripe about paedophilia being ‘part of the rainbow of sexual experience’ (or sheer incompetence) they hand the resultant homeless children over to the care of disguised perverts who then make an already miserable human life unbearable.

But there is no contrition or regret apparent in Labour’s ranks about the shambolic disaster that has been their half-baked ignorance on the subject of social behaviour. And on that basis alone, they are every bit as sociopathically criminal as conservative bigwigs defending the foul behaviour of their donors and supporters.

Earlier this, year, the less than delightful Peter Tatchell was photographed carrying a Paedophile Information Exchange banner during a Unite march. It read, ‘Not all sex with children is unwanted’. What, by the kids or the deranged predators? This is, by the way, the same Tatchell whose disgraceful invasion of the privacy of closet homosexuals by outing them was greeted with general applause from Stonewall….this in turn being the shower that puts gays up to suing hoteliers who don’t want their hotels turned into the YMCA.

Tatchellbanner70% This Slogpost will doubtless be dubbed ‘homophobic’ by the self-appointed progressive cadres. It is not: it is anti-fascist, it is anti the dictatorship of the minority, it is anti-denialism, and it is anti-paedophile.

But way beyond anything else, it is anti the ignorant polemics of the Left, and determined to see the depraved appetites of all delusional sex maniacs unveiled and reviled….not covered up.

It’s time to ask some straight questions of those in charge:

1. Jack Dromey and Harriet Harman: you are leading lights in Unite. Will you now unreservedly condemn Peter Tatchell’s support for PIE?

2. David Cameron: you told the luckless Philip Schofield that you didn’t want gays to be victimised. Here is a gay encouraging exactly that. Are you going to comment?

3. Ed Miliband: you know perfectly well that Labour’s local Parties and Councils are hiding places for paedophiles. Are you going to muck out the stable?

4. Plod: You know that arresting showbizz stars is window dressing. When are you going to stop licking arse and start kicking arse?

5. MSM: When are you going to stop applauding Lord McAlpine, and start writing proper journalism about systemic sex-abuse of our children?

6. Lord Mandelson, Michael Heseltine, Shaun Woodward and Peter Tatchell: for the good of genuinely innocent gays, would you care to comment on the limits of your sexual interests?

7. Prominent tweeters: when is one of you going to face McAlpine out and have a day in Court?