Distortion & deception are the objective, distraction is the catalyst

Although The Slog’s masthead says ‘A dairy of deception and distortion’, I have this weekend been debating with myself (there being nobody else around at the minute) whether to drop ‘diary’ and simply call the blog ‘deception, distortion, and distraction’. In recent weeks, it seems to me that the last of those three has come into its own – pretty much across the piece.

As I’ve been arguing for some weeks now, most of the systemic sex-perversion crumbs we’re being handed by the Establishment are designed to do four things: (1) help us forget about the child victims (2) pretend that showbizz is a sink of unique iniquity that isn’t typical of the rest of society (3) show off the Met Police’s ‘good’ side with maximum publicity, and (3) distract attention from the obvious involvement of local Labour politicos and Tory former public schoolboys in this lascivious enjoyment of infant flesh by the sexually deranged.

Last night online, and today in most of the Sundays, it was hard to miss the new line coming out from Plod: ‘we’ve got 25 celebrities on our list, and we’re only up to Number 8, so stay tuned folks’. The tabloids will be loving it, and Twitter will be awash with marginally more careful speculation – now that Lord McScalpine has created the precedent of suing ex cathedra to the judicial system. But it’s got damn-all to do with the real nature of this social disease: it is merely another caligulan circus laid on for the benefit of the couch-ridden rubber neckers.

Look at what lies behind the Syrian conflict, and very much the same rule of thumb applies. Syria being the arch-villain for the West, there’s no end to attention-seeking poppycock about Syrian fighters bombing Turkish territory, NATO ‘thus’ giving the Turks missile launchers (plus lots of troops) on the border ‘to protect Turkey from invasion by Syria’. It’s all Bashar Assad can do to mount a donkey at the moment, let alone an invasion. But wait – hark – he has weapons of mass destruction. He must have, because Willy Vague and Hilarity Clickon say so. Maybe he does, but we recognise this plot, do we not? Assad’s ability to do anything with his weapons is, I would surmise, minimal.

The Muslim brotherhood, meanwhile, are the new Knights Templar: they rescue unsullied virgins from the wicked ravishes of barbarian Alawhites, who are of course world-renowned for their scheming desire to take over the Islamic future….rather like Israel’s Elders of Zion want to rule the planet. I read a Guardian piece about the Bruvvas last week that was so gushing, I hadn’t read anything like it since the last Guardian piece I read about Arab peace convoys on their way to Gaza. The MB, we were told, were the moderate Islamists. This is like Kerensky referring to ‘the neocon wing of the Bolsheviks’.

It’s all tosh, alleviated only occasionally by unintentional Snafu. Last Friday, reports came out of Syria confirming that the rebels had captured the main stash of WMDs, so Hague was required along with NATO to put out another release saying no, Assad still had his weapons and was transporting them to his last redoubt in the mountains. Really won’t do, don’t you know, to be careless with our rationale for marching in there. We simply must get our ducks in a row, chaps.

But a rationale is all this tragicomic soap opera is. The NATO game plan is very easy to discern: we do something big that will catch the enemy on the back foot, grab the East/South East Med area to secure a never-ending access to energy and raw-earth minerals, neutralise Iran sufficient to achieve regime-change, shut Netanyahu up, and accept the fact that if you can’t beat misogynist religious terrorism, then you might as well join it. Terrorism comes in all the sizes and all the colours, and the Washington-Wall Street axis is now as overtly terrorist as you can get. Luckily, the American electorate is unlikely to go along with this forever. And even if they did, approaching sovereign insolvency has a mind-concentrating effect on military spending.

Mind you, when it comes to distraction, you have to hand it to the Black Dude – he is the guvnor, sans pareil. Big smiles and getting tough with Republicans….while heading full-throttle down the vortex of fiscal doom. America is back in recovery, he reassures us, helping Americans to forget that it was in intensive care while he was busy lying about the employment statistics. But as he lights up Christmas trees and plays out the sleeky-clean image, it is vitally important for the citizenry to gawp gullibly at the hype coming out of Wall Street and the White House: unemployment is down slightly, and 146,000 new jobs were created in November.

At that rate, the USA will have full employment again in 2036.

Meanwhile, the deficit – $120bn and growing – continues to push the country’s debt load higher. The same is true here in the UK, where George Osborne had his twice-yearly opportunity to bamboozle everyone last week, and made the most of it. There were hundreds of millions here and billions there being spent, but those pesky trillions we owe remained as silent as the grave into which our economy – drunk on banker hubris and depressed by joblessness – will surely collapse before too long.

More maths: while George was busy trying to get his savings up from £14bn to £22bn, the treasury over which he has nominal control spent 20 times that amount on QE….an acronym for economic stimulation that surely now should stand for Quantum Escapism. The economy is being neither eased not stimulated, and the banks continue to fritter this taxpayer bonus away. But austerity is “on target” says Michael Fallon, the government’s resident Libor expert.

Of course, the greatest distraction mechanism on the planet is the eurozone; but posting about that at The Slog is close to absolute nauseam levels. Only one area of endeavour could rival the EU in terms of spend and denial, and that’s Britain’s NHS. As most of you know, it is headed up by the slimy Jeremy Hunt…a man schooled more than most in the dark arts of obfuscatory protestations of innocence and misleading distraction. But Jeremy is worthy of a slot all to himself re this one – and in the coming days, trust me, he is going to get it bigtime.

You have been reading edition No 355 on the subject of why, if the MSM are complicit in the game of spinning agendas rather than publishing news, the blogospere’s destiny is to be the opposition to all things Bollocks.

Perhaps my bottom line would be this: with enough distraction, you can distort reality sufficiently well to deceive. The only way to stop that process is for the citizens to come to attention.