The contemporary hard Left on Twitter: not even the Eye could have parodied this well

Further to an earlier post about tribalism, and the madness of crowds, this ‘exchange’ on Twitter over the last hour is something of a classic in the annals of post-Orwellian observation. I stand accused, it seems, of using faked evidence to suggest that Peter Tatchell is in favour of paedophilia under certain circumstances. Mr Tatchell is on the record as saying that paedophilia is sometimes “a loving relationship not involving abuse” – rather like Harriet Harman’s “part of the rainbow of sexual experience” – but the fact that I did use a picture of Tatchell holding a pro-paedo banner (later pointed out to me as very likely being a BNP photoshop job) is now being used to ‘show’ I am…wait for it….’a novo Nazi’….whatever TF that means. Although that doesn’t alter what Tatchell himself agrees he said positively about paedophilia, here is a representative sample of what ‘the Left’ has been saying on Twitter since….read mark and inwardly digest the distorting, swivel-eyed, rabid Pavlovian dog syndrome at work:

Labour Future@LabAchievements

You @Horse_Force are helping build @nbyward who is a complete menace – nazi of a new kind. Think on.

Er….evidence that I am a Nazi menace? Right wing? Um, even vote Tory?

Oh @Horse_Force @wbinfo23 and why @PeterTatchell features while #Thatcher PPS Sir Ian Morisson & co do not @nbyward Why @Tom_Watson attacked

Er….I have consistently outed Sir Ian Morrisson (sic) and supported Tom Watson against his boneless leader Ed Miliband.

Labour Future@LabAchievements

Oh @Horse_Force @wbinfo23 have you asked @nbyward why – apart from site promotion – he is so ants in pants re paediphilia? Was he accused?

Er….evidence that I am unhinged about paediphilia (sic)? Innuendo that I might be one? Something criminal about promoting a site designed to tell the truth?

Thatcher/Currie put Savile into Broadmoor, employed Morrison. Tory “mastery” ideology is part of the problem @Horse_Force and @nbyward same.

Er….I blogged against Curry, was one of the first to name Morrison, and, um, no, I am not interested in barmy conspiracy theories about Tory mastery.

But bonkers horse-brains now gets worried he is being linked with nby ‘Adolf’ Ward, and thus tweets:

@LabAchievements And what is “@Horse_Force and @nbyward same.” supposed to mean eh? Any basis for inferring my complicity in such deeds?

Er….you’re worried about complicity in imagined deeds I never committed?

and then horsey for coursey logically adds – just to tie up the loose ends:

Joe Stallion@Horse_Force

@nbyward I basically pointed out that if you use poorly researched evidence then a la McAlpine then it’s too easily refuted. Poor journalism

Er….was I or was I not the first blogger to say BBC drongos had mistaken Ali McAlpine for his notorious second cousin Jimmie? Anyway, clearly it was poor journalism on my part.

but then finally, this Topper:

Labour Future@LabAchievements

I’d suggest @Horse_Force @wbinfo23 @nbyward that the person who wrote guardian “article” put them there.

Er…sorry chum, you just disappeared up your own fantasy.


Under normal circumstances, I would let this kind of deranged Stalinism go in the same way I would the ravings of Golden Dawn when blogging about Greece. But given the Slogpost of earlier tonight, I simply must respond, if only to point out that this is the very kind of rigid fascist delusional tribalism that I want online journalism to rise above.

A collection of half-baked Leninsparts accuse me of misusing evidence – and to make their point, brand me a Nazi based on no evidence….as well as accusing me of not using evidence I’ve used several times.

This, you see, is the problem the internet Opposition faces. With this sector of The Left, there is simply no chance of engagement – and not a snowball in Hell’s chance they will ever be taken seriously.

I go to bed tonight a depressed man. Now I know what it must have been like watching Berlin Nazis burn books and smash Jewish shop windows. They are still with us, these mad folks. Still there in the shadows, demeaning everything that decency stands for with their ignorant smears and robotic syntax.

God help us all.