ELM HOUSE PAEDOPHILES: Richmond Council in the frame

richmondofficesSources close to the Rocks Lane paedophile investigation centred on the Elm Guest House in Barnes told The Slog today that the Fernbridge specialist police unit (now moving rapidly towards arrests) has earmarked Richmond Council employees as key suspects in the case.

The strong suggestion behind the leak is that at least one care home in Richmond knowingly supplied the children used by paedophiles at Elm House, and that the motive was almost certainly financial.

Last week a senior MP involved in Secret Family Courts and other paedophilia-related cases told me “as often as not you will find the motive is financial rather than sexual corruption, especially when local government officers are involved”.

elmhouseAlthough previous reports have mentioned the children originating from a Council Care Home, this is the first reliable evidence I’ve had that the supply was an inside-job, with Council racketeers allegedly heavily involved in organising the trafficking. It is not clear as yet whether any of the suspects are still employed at the Council, but the Fernbridge team continues to give signals of early arrests concerning activities at Elm House (left)

Stay tuned.

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