ELM GUEST HOUSE: Media teeter on brink of naming former Tory minister


As the ever-ahead of the game Exaro site revealed this morning in the early hours, Met Police specialist paedophile investigators are now preparing the final logistics involved in the arrest of a highly prominent former Conservative Minister who was for some time close to Margaret Thatcher. However, one of the obvious side-effects of Lord McAlpine’s financially enthusiastic (albeit now oddly stalled) legal battle to clear his name is that everyone is terrified of naming who the former Thatcher intimate whose name everyone knows was – and indeed is.

I’ve been trying to establish this morning where former Tory Minister Leon Brittan is at the moment. It’s not easy, to be honest. Last seen working ad hoc for David Cameron (while the PM sought a Trade Minister of Lord Green’s calibre during 2010-11) Leon  – or Baron Brittan of Spennithorne as we must now call his elevatedness – still advises the UBS investment bank, but beyond this there is little to go on.

Who knows what it may all mean? Stay tuned.

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