PAEDOPHILIA: How one piece of news can kill a novel

There is a paedophile syndicate that runs across the British Establishment at every level. When will it be purged?

This is one of the oddest posts I’ve ever put up.

Yesterday by email, somebody sent me this flashback to an article in the Independent during 2000. Lest we forget, that’s now over twelve years ago. In and of itself, there is the familiar pattern of it referring back to a 20-year period beginning nearly forty years ago. This is a brief set of extracts from it:

‘More than 200 children are believed to have been abused by a network of paedophiles in London care homes. Seven people have been arrested – and 11 council workers suspended – in the on-going police inquiry covering 20 years of sexual and physical abuse….The investigation is examining alleged abuse in Lambeth homes from 1974 to 1994….Links have also been discovered between several of the key suspects. They were found to have worked together in the same homes, given each other references and carried out training courses together….Two key workers at a children’s home were sentenced yesterday to a total of 23 years in prison for a string of sexual assaults on boys in their care. Former Deputy Principal Barrie Alden, 66, from Norwich, and ex-house master John Wright, 56, from Talgarth, Powys, were sentenced at Newport Crown Court. Alden and Wright committed the offences on a total of eight boys at the Ty Mawr residential home, near Abergavenny, South Wales, from the 1960s to the 1980s…’

I’d imagine that, like me, you did a double-take at the end there. Welsh care homes. Again.

I was living in Lambeth (and meeting social workers dealing with distressed-family kids) from 1979 to 1990. I’ve also spent time digging around the disgrace of the Wrexham to Chester axis of buggery over the last two years, as well as delving into the inky darkness of Plymouth since 2007.

Now let me tell you about the dead novel.

It was an idea I had three months ago. It is about a pharmaceutical company that develops an early fertility drug around 1960, bribes its way past the FDA tests over the years, launches the product, and then discovers by accident that the drug has a tendency to produce male psychopath babies with a propensity for public-life power and paedophilia.

The novel was meant to show how sleaze in medicine and depravity in politics came to dominate contemporary life. It was to be pure fiction of course, but I believed it stood a chance of engaging those masses who simply cannot get their heads around just how deep-rooted and pernicious this link is between the desire to control innocent citizens and do irreparable damage to young children. These pulp readers find it so easy to accept the bromides of MPs and the cover-ups of police in their dealings with this, the obverse side of the coin which insists children cannot be charged withe a criminal offence: it seems that the quid pro quo is that they can’t be protected from criminal offenders either.

But there is an obvious flaw in the novel’s central idea, and it is this: how can you blame a pharmco product dating from, say, 1962, for paedophile crimes that were clearly endemic among perpetrators born in the 1930s? We aren’t dealing here with an accident for crying out loud: we are dealing with two grizzly human conditions. The first of these is the twisted desire to make infants the sexual partner of adults without consent. And the second is for the powerful to protect such foul perpetrators without question.

I was talking to a blogger more eminent than I the other day about what a complete distraction the entire Jimmy Savile/BBC/’He groomed a nation’ falsehood has been, and how one dead DJ’s probable guilt has been used to throw people off the scent of the many. A week ago, I was asking a member of the Fourth Estate why we keep on being promised Rocks Lane arrests, but nothing materialises.

But this latest old clip sent to me somehow broke the camel’s back. Dig into Westminster, local government, the schools system, the Secret Courts, the social care system in general, or the Care Home system in particular, and I can guarantee that – under every stone you lift – there will be the unprepossessing sight of low-life scrambling for cover as they plead false harassment and use their judicial friends to dish out gagging orders.

We should all note one especially devastating line from the old Indie article: ‘Links have also been discovered between several of the key suspects. They were found to have worked together in the same homes, given each other references and carried out training courses together.’

I posted last year about the Soham murders, and how a long-suspected (and protected) Humberside paedophile had protected the killer Ian Huntley, enabling him to gain his janitor’s job at the dead girls’ school. That man is an accessory to murder. Only last year, he tried to stand as the Labour candidate for police commissioner. The local Labour Party have yet to shop him; but they did at least have the decency to turn him down. Predictably and without an iota of shame, this bloke went to the media and said how his blacklisting was totally unfair. You couldn’t make it up.

The time has passed when we should any longer accept the blasé reassurances of the police, justice, social care and political élites that these are isolated and unconnected incidents. What we have here is a State within a State: a loosely organised but ruthlessly powerful group of sex maniacs feeding their perversion by corrupting police, Council officials, Secret Court judges, and child psychiatrists, while at the same time infiltrating the care system on a member-get-member basis. A prominent (and concerned) MP I met in January insisted to me that the main motive in most paedophile cases is money. To me this is like saying that the main motive for running a Death Camp is the bonus system. People who supply and thus get paid by sexually ill child-destroyers are in it for the money alright: but they must be somewhat odd to do it and be able to sleep at night. People much higher up who protect the same dangerously violent deviance are doing so to remove any threats to their power….a power which derives from the system they exploit  in order to increase that power.

Let us examine some of the facts in play here. The main suspect in the Rocks Lane enquiry is a personal friend of Nick Clegg. Of late, Nick Clegg has also shown  himself to be a complete humbug on the subject of pests who maul women, and more than happy to put his blind eye to the telescope.

The main bankroller of Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary’s expenses is JHJ Lewis, the top dog at the Groucho Club. The Groucho was flagrantly displaying a paedophile exchange website until investigative journalist Tyrone Murphy discovered it and blew the whistle. There are no signs of enquiries or convictions in relation to this matter, although it is a matter of Newport Police record that Mr Murphy disturbed a man during 2009 trying to bug his telephone line.

During 2007, David Cameron shared a committee with JHJ Lewis looking into in-Britain tourist development. Lewis is a major contributor to the Conservative Party.

In the early 1970s, Harriet Harman and her husband Jack Dromey consistently supported the Paedophile Information Exchange, an organisation later disbanded under some duress. Harman then became Minister for Women, and embroiled in the Secret Courts saga. She at first vigorously defended the secrecy, and then agreed to open the Courts to the media. Five years later when she left power, she still hadn’t. During that time, endless numbers of already damaged children were handed over to a Care Home system hugely inflitrated by paedophiles.

Also during this period, Ed Balls was Minister for Families. When the second instance of Plymouth’s nursery system paedophilia emerged, Balls expressed himself bewildered and unable to imagine how the problem could be stopped. He didn’t know where to start, so he didn’t. Plymouth’s problems in this area continue to worsen. Ed is the MP for Morley, and a key member of the Rotherham Labour mafia. His wife, Yvette Cooper, is thought by many in the Party to be a serious leadership candidate as and when Miliband finally trips over his sword.

During the Rotherham by-election of 2012, the insane behaviour of one social worker (in trying to ban foster parents because they voted UKip) alerted the media to what that same social care department was ignoring: a massive paedophile network run and controlled by corrupt agreements between the police, the local taxi drivers, and key personnel in the care system. There seemed little doubt that senior members of the local Labour Party were well aware of what was going on. This explains why the Establishment spin machine immediately swung into action, switching the story from industrial scale sexual depravity to ‘This is a seat UKip can win’. UKip never stood a hope in hell of winning it. The sex scandal disappeared from our media. There was no enquiry, and nobody has been charged: to all intents and purposes, the story simply went away.

Last year a prominent Plymouth Judge infamous for soft paedophile sentences (and on one occasion letting two dangerous perverts skip bail) became the most senior Judge in Exeter. Nobody so much as questioned the decision.

In the 1970s, a campaigning MP gave then Home Secretary Leon Brittan a fat file on the Richmond Council situation. It disappeared. In Wales ten years ago, a damning report about Welsh care homes was first of all covered up and then shredded. But one copy escaped. Both the police and the cps have been studying it. That’s it.

Fine, I accept completely the idea that some of the above will be down to innocent coincidence. But all of it?

The death of a barely sketched-out novel is a minor matter in the greater scheme of things. But the death of Justice for our Children is a head-hanging disgrace of which every Briton should be profoundly ashamed. For fifteen years in the US, J Edgar Hoover denied the existence of an organised crime syndicate. By the time he died, America was being run by it. It very probably assassinated John F Kennedy. It still launders drug money through the banking system today. And despite his very long history as the boss of money-laundering HSBC, Lord Green is still David Cameron’s Trade Minister. This is where things go unless somebody comes out of denial and starts purging the system.

Does it matter? Yes of course it matters: During late 2010, David Cameron gave that same Lord Green Trade job to Leon Brittan. Brittan heard about the job via Nick Clegg’s dad, who is a personal friend. As Brittan was his first EU boss, Clegg recommended the former Tory Home Secretary to Cameron as a temporary Trade post filler. Brittan got the job on £170,000 a year. Certain irregularities in relation to diplomatic bags coming into Britain from the EU were conveniently ignored.

What goes around, keeps on coming around. And around and around, in this swirling whirlpool of deviant cess. Guilty parties are known to the police and other authorities. But those Westminster Parties from Edwina Currie downwards who’ve known about this scandal for decades are the most guilty of the lot.