THE PAEDOFILE: What connects Welsh care home tragedies to the Secret Family Courts?

Britain treats its frail children as pawns in a ghastly game of privilege. We should all be ashamed.

At The Slog on April 13th 2010, in a moment of optimistic triumphalism, and following an investigation by Judge Nicholas Wall, I wrote:

‘It’s taken many years, hundreds of articles and thousands of hours of hard legal work and appeals, but if today’s Times is to be believed, the end is in sight for the Secret Social Worker State.’

Well, it didn’t turn out that way. Judge Nicholas Wall – then newly appointed to investigate the Secret Family Courts – obviously made rather too many enemies in the higher echelons of political paedophile protectors. On December 1st 2012, he ‘retired as president of the Family Division and head of family justice on the grounds of ill health’, the Ministry of Justice announced.

His replacement, however, has been no less outspoken in criticising Family Court secrecy, and how such a thing is a gift for systemic paedophilia. Soon after taking over, Lord Justice Munby opined:

“Both principle and pragmatism demand that we open the family courts, that we drastically relax the present access restrictions….we need both more people going into the family courts, and more information coming out. Each of these is essential; neither alone is sufficient.”

How right he was – and is. Explaining his misgivings concerning Part 2 of the Children, Schools and Families Act 2010, Munby posed this question:

“Do the reforms which have taken place meet the criteria I have set out? Do they even meet the criteria identified by their architect? My answer to each question can only be a saddened and regretful No!”

The connection between Munby’s observations and today’s massive coverage of Care Home abuse in Wales isn’t difficult to elucidate. The link between false Family Court psychiatric testimony and trafficking broken-home children into the clutches of sexual psychopaths has been well enough documented by more dedicated reporters than I.

It’s been six years since I first started reporting on this problem, and so help me I cannot see in what way we are any further on in protecting Britain’s most vulnerable children. What this depravity problem requires is a no-holds-barred investigation by specialist child-molestation cops – free from political interference – into three key aspects of what is a near-indelible stain upon British justice: (1) Why has it taken nearly twenty years to free up media information about the Family Courts; (2) What is the degree of penetration of the social worker/care system by an organised and powerful network of murderous perverts; and (3) How is the protection of the guilty allowed to continue by those we elect to prosecute them?

To suggest that there is no significance to the concentration of systemic child sex-crimes between Chester and Wrexham is akin to pretending that house prices are no higher in Surrey than they are in Lancashire. It is all very well for Welsh police chiefs to say now, in 2013, that “those who are guilty would do well to look over their shoulders”. Such soundbites are merely more of the media-fixated, self-conscious bollocks emitted by our policemen these days. What everyone disturbed by this heinous scandal wants to know is this: when are some arrests going to be made relating to the Richmond child trafficking nightmare?

We have been distracted first by Jimmy Savile’s mania, then by Lord McAlpine’s whingeing, then by the arrest of everyone at the BBC from Stuart Hall to Rolf Harris. But in relation to the political ramifications of the Elm House scandal, to date much has been promised – and nothing at all delivered.

Whatever our lowered position in the world today, we the British should surely have enough pride left to insist that life-destroying predators be brought to justice….however high their rank in our power hierarchy. If we are going to disappear down the plughole of Imperial History, let us at least do so knowing that – right to the very end – our legal system could bring to nought those who are worth nothing.

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