UNITED CRISIS – David Moyes first problem as the new manager:

“Wayne Rooney turning up drunk for training” – sources.

moyesrooneyOld Trafford insiders last night confirmed rumours that have been circulating in Manchester for many months: the jaded United star Wayne Rooney has gone off the rails, and is trying to engineer a situation in which he can leave the club.

The same MUFC sources did, however, say that Ferguson’s attitude was emphatic: “Wayne Rooney is not for sale.” This is despite the fact that apparently Rooney asked the outgoing manager for a transfer last month. The England striker was dropped for the club’s biggest match, the Champions League second-leg meeting with Real Madrid at Old Trafford in February. Real won easily, but Rooney has been out of sorts for most of the season.

“He’s pushing as hard as he can to get out,” said one source, “Turning up pissed for training and so forth, generally behaving badly and trying to create embarrassment. He just wants out.”

New man David Moyes isn’t going to find changing Wayne Rooney’s mind that easy. Although he gave Rooney his break aged sixteen at Everton, after Rooney moved to United two years later Moyes sued his protege because of allegations he made in an autobiography. Rooney apologised to his former boss in the end, but opinion is divided as to how much influence Moyes can now bring to bear on the wayward player.

This one is going to develop: stay tuned.

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