THE PAEDOFILE: A disgraceful consensus in Westminster

Imagine the scenario: Three years previously, there’s been a General Election that produced a hung Parliament and forced the largest Party into a Coalition it didn’t want. It is getting harder and harder to gain an advantage and secure a majority. Both sides of the House are thus in search of The Big Issue.

Along comes an enormous issue: a systemic failure to look after the children of dysfunctional families. Worse still – the exploitation and buggery of those children by perverts.

The Leader of the main Opposition Party, however – ‘Your friend in tough times‘ – seems unwilling to raise the issue in Parliament. So one of his more radical back-benchers does so. He openly suggests a link between 10 Downing Street and the paedophilic exploitation of care-home children. Faced by this question, the Prime Minister looks unc0mfortable. He promises that the allegations will be investigated.

But there is no hullaballou: no cries of “Shame!” or “Resign!” or “Whitewash!” from the Opposition benches. There is only an equally uncomfortable, 35-week pregnant silence in the House of Commons….the Sovereign body in the Land.

A few weeks later there is a by-election in a northern town. This time, the Opposition Party’s supporters are shown to have been involved in a conspiracy with the local police and minority-community taxi drivers to traffic, corrupt and perform the most unspeakable acts upon local children. Here is an open goal for the Government.

But it does nothing. It arranges no interviews and pushes for no soundbites. Not a single opportunist steps into the breach to talk about the ghastly corruption in local Labour politics. In fact suddenly, the media emphasis of by-election coverage switches from local scandal to a national question: can UKip win the seat?

“No” is the simple answer anyone with 10% of his brain tissue intact would offer: but despite that, the entire coverage now focuses on Nigel Farage’s Ukippers. They do not come within a country mile of winning the seat.


Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to ask why on Earth this completely atypical and, on the face of it, inexplicable scenario took place….and continues to do so.

What we have here is a most extraordinary Commons consensus in a political age containing less and less cross-Party agreement: namely, that no attention whatsoever should be paid to potentially the broadest-based and most foul sexual scandal in modern British history.

Is it really conspiracy theory to suggest therefore that both sides have something massive to hide? Or is it not the logical hypothesis that would form in the mind of any policeman not completely devoured by the ambition to become a Chief Inspector boasting of his leadership skills in diversity?

Just as with immigration, the EU, multi-culturalism, the Islamist threat, and investment banker guilt, denialism rules until something breaks through to tell our chronically deaf Establishment that this could lose them the next Election. Then – and only then – do these our legislators abruptly change tack, and overnight profess undying empathy with those they reviled as archaic bigots only months earlier.

They do not – of course – solve the problem: they merely condemn it. Banking madness is condemned. Phone-hack privacy invasion is condemned. Islamist atrocities are condemned. But oddly enough – once the dust settles and the money comes onstream once more – the condemned become respectable once more.

The one major point of difference with the never-ending paedophile cover-up (and let’s be real here, that’s what it is) is that it isn’t the Tories or the LibDems or Labour or UKip or Buckingham Palace that has skeletons in the cupboard marked ‘Radioactive’: it is all those who would aspire to rule over us.

So it is that the BBC is used as a distraction, sexual abuse is positioned as something that exists in the dysfunctional Underclass home only, empty reforms are trumpeted, victims are smeared, MI5 is called in to close enquiries In the National Interest, and knackered old frauds sue everyone in sight pour encourager les autres. Can you name for me one Labour MP who stood up in the Commons to call Alistair McAlpine out as a humbug?

The bottom line remains unchanged, however: as long as our ‘leaders’ are subsidised by business and trade union money, they will turn the blind eye. Once forced to depend on us for their money, they will serve us – not the small army of greedy, power-mad bullies who prefer domination of kids to sex with consenting adults.

Taxpayers who resist this change are playing into the hands of the depraved. I hope they sleep well at nights.

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