GREECE: ERT staff run rings round Samaras Government

A troika of defeats for the Antonanist

samaflagptFlag in the back for Samaras

It’s always nice to bring good news from Greece: there ain’t much of it, and I like the Greeks.

Once Prime Minister Samaras had mouthed off about the new TV channel name Nerit, ERT journalists registered it (New Democracy being far too useless to have done so) and so now they’ll have to come up with a new one. The downside of this is that I can’t use the full name I came up with for the Nerit acronym, National Emergency Rubbish Invocation Transmission.

Also terrific (especially in the absence of any ethical judgement from the EC gargoyles) is the news that Greek state TV broadcasts were dramatically switched on again yesterday after broadcasters across Europe stepped in to try and keep ERT on air. The Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union took the feed from a studio in Thessaloniki and retransmitted it back to Greek homes over a satellite link.

Excellent. Who’d have thought that a media owner’s cabal would display more basic decency than politicians? Er, no…don’t answer that.

And finally, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has belatedly called talks with coalition partners in a bid to defuse a crisis over his government’s closure of the state broadcaster, a move that has prompted nationwide strikes and could trigger new elections.

I think that in future bulletins, The Slog will be referring to Mr Samaras as The Antonanist Greek Prime Minister.

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