THE PAEDOFILE: Police catch the small fry as Judges let the big fish off

Our police and judiciary are either incompetent, or protecting the powerful. Looks to me like it’s a mixture of both.

spinksViolent paedophile, snuff movie suspect and professional child trafficker Warwick Spinks. Longest ever sentence: five years

More anonymous perverts are passing through the Courts, there’s been another arrest in connection with Elm House – already-known bit player – and a small paedophile ring discovered in Sheffield. Here we are again – just like Hackgate – months pass by and nobody in the political class has been collared. Thanks go to all of you who keep emailing me with news of such things, but without sounding churlish they add up to one obvious thing: tid-bits being thrown to the baying wolves, delaying tactics while more evidence is covered up, distractions to take people’s minds off the odd actions of former Welsh and Home Secretaries.

The paedophile ‘investigation’ closely resembles the Global econo-fiscal meltdown in one important way: the people involved in allegedly sorting it out will do anything rather than admit it’s a socio-cultural disaster. Sad little teachers in provincial towns get banged up, but any mention of Leon Brittan is fobbed off with the “rumour and innuendo” shtick….exactly as it was applied to Cyril Smith when he was alive. The worrying thing is that this isn’t a Front Page issue any more. The filibustering of those protecting the fiddlers is doing precisely what they intended – creating ennui in the face of bigger issues like being broke and having no home.

Meanwhile, the Establishment folks who don’t get out enough continue to demonstrate their woeful ignorance on the subject of paedophilia. Callum Evans, 21, from Queen Camel, near Yeovil, Somerset, posed as a girl on the social networking site to encourage victims to send him naked photos before meeting up with two 14-year-old boys and molesting them. But just two years ago a judge allowed him to walk free from court with a three-year community order for the offences and refused to ban him from Facebook.

At the time, Judge Graham Hume Jones said depriving Dower of access to the site would be ‘particularly excessive’ and deprive him of the ‘social traffic’ his peers took for granted. Yes you pillock, but his peers aren’t paedophiles, doh. Anyway, two 14 year olds stuck for life with a sexual trauma, all because some bewigged nitwit was more worried about a sociopath’s human rights than the right of normal kids to be protected from perverts.

Occasionally, judicial stupidity has nothing to do with it. The reason South Australian paedophile and former magistrate Peter Liddy got away with it for so long was his mates covering up for him. He is now serving 25 years for his crimes, but even so those representing him were moving in 2011 to get seven further assault cases wound up – ie, closed. They represent a long-standing civil action against Liddy for child sex crimes…and guess what? The judge ordered all seven to be closed permanently. Why?

Yesterday’s Mirror had a classic example of what these folks can go on to do if given enough rope.

Paedophile ring survivor Chris Johns – who suffered at the hands of abusers in North Wales care homes for years – angrily demanded to know why the names of those suspected of abuse and murder in the Jillings Report had been blanked out. He claimed that the full truth was still being hushed up. The report lists details of 12 young men whose deaths were thought to have been linked to the abuse they suffered between the late 60s and 80s, and even suggested that serving police officers from the time and council staff were strong suspects. But – and I’ve been expecting for this ever since Sally Bercow lost her libel case to Alistair McAlpslime – the Mirror says, ‘… it is heavily censored with names blanked out over fears of defamation after Lord McAlpine was wrongly named as being involved late last year.’

Of the 12 victims now mysteriously dead,  four had lived at the notorious Bryn Estyn home in Wrexham – which was at the centre of the inquiry.

Speaking about Monday’s heavily censored release of the report, Mr Jillings said: “The treatment of children was bestial. They weren’t treated like humans. Children died. It was horrific.”

Chris Johns’ brother Adrian, 32, died in 1992 in an arson attack before he had a chance to give a statement about the abuse he suffered at the Bryn Alyn home in the 1970s. He suffered at the hands of paedophile John Allen, who made a fortune running a number of homes. Leander survived the attack in Brighton with awful burns, and in 1995 both he and Chris gave evidence against Allen.

But during the week after Leander’s evidence, Allen had absconded from bail. Leander then turned up dead.

Eventually, John Allen was caught and – despite the arson suspicions and odd deaths –  was given just six years for sex assaults on boys. He is now free.

When are the judiciary going to get it through their concrete heads that every serial paedophile is a potential killer? It’s not as if this is new news: writing in the Guardian during 1997, Nick Davies horrified his readers by tracing how…

‘Three British men who lived in Amsterdam in the early 1990s have spoken quite independently of each other of their knowledge of paedophile “snuff movies”. All agree that they were made in Amsterdam by British paedophiles. Two of them name the same individuals, though neither admits to his own involvement. One of them appears openly in the Network First documentary. He has identified two houses where he says the films were made; he has named two Dutch criminals who he says were involved in distributing the films; he has given detailed descriptions of the boys in the films, described a club in Oslo where one of them was picked up, and he has identified a lake where he says their bodies were thrown. His allegations to Network First have been taken seriously by Scotland Yard, who have interviewed him twice at length, and by Dutch police who last month (March) launched a formal murder inquiry…’

He goes on to describe some of the horrors perpetrated by infamous paedophile Warwick Spinks:

‘The boy’s name was Gary, he was 14-years old, he had grown up on a rough estate in the north east of England….he and his friend, Peter, also then 14 , had run away together and gone to London….Spinks told the two boys that he had got some LSD for them at his home in Hastings on the Sussex coast, he paid for them to come on the train with him and took them back to his flat, where suddenly he produced a kitchen knife and made them strip naked. The burly 30-year-old ordered them to have sex together while he took photographs. When they failed to perform as he wished, he buggered both of them. Both of the boys pleaded with him to stop, but Spinks told them he liked it best when they were scared. He kept them in the flat for two days and gave them LSD. Some of the time, Gary was weeping.’

If this reminds you of Ian Brady torturing his child victims, there’s a good reason: he was a paedophile too. But guess what, Spinks got just five years when Plod finally caught up with him – reduced from seven years on appeal. After later crimes, Spinks fled to Amsterdam. He should never have been released: that isn’t a Daily Mailism, it’s based on what paedophiles go on to do. Nick Davies again, in 2000:

‘Spinks had been running a mail order pornography business from Brighton, before he moved to Amsterdam, where he pioneered the trafficking of boys as young as 10 – first, from the streets of London, and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, from the poverty of eastern Europe. Having brought them to Amsterdam, he used these “chickens” himself, sold them into the brothels or through escort agencies and put them in front of the camera. Some resisted, some ran away, but most were made to comply through the removal of their passports and doses of drugs and violence.

By 1990, these two clubs on Spuistraat, together with Boys for Men, De Boys, the Blue Boy and the Why Not, had become the busiest watering holes in the international paedophile jungle. Dutch police estimated there were 250 paedophiles involved in the production of child pornography in Amsterdam with an unknown floating population of child sex tourists from all over the world – and it was the British who formed the hard core consumers: Stephen Smith, who had helped to found the Paedophile Information Exchange, fled there when police in England prosecuted the organisation; Russell Tricker, now 58, a former private school teacher who was convicted of child sex offences in the UK, used his job as a coach driver to ferry suitable boys from London; John Broomhall opened a porn shop on Spuistraat and was caught with more than 1,000 copies of videos of under-aged boys; Mark Enfield, now 41, sold a video of himself abusing a drugged boy.

Alan Williams introduced two paedophile friends from Wales, John Gay and Lee Tucker, both of whom were to become central targets for Bristol detectives. The two men found they could sell Welsh boys into the clubs on Spuistraat and then make more money by investing in child pornography. They bought video equipment, set up TAG Films, and visited Amsterdam regularly to make films, which they sold through distributors in the US and Germany. At the time, Dutch law punished production of child pornography with a maximum sentence of only three months.’

He carried on until even the Dutch police had seen enough. But he fled to the Czech Republic and managed to evade capture….having already absconded from his risible five year British sentence in the 1990s. Unbelievably, following extradition from the Czech Republic in November 2012, he is now back in prison – but will serve only the 18 remaining months of his sentence.

Michael Gove gives a porn-addicted kids’ teacher his job back. A Plymouth judge gives two paedophiles bail, and they leg it for three years. A Bristol judge is a suspect in a paedophile bordello operation, but the case is gagged for 23 years, and the judge goes free. Here today – after all this time to learn the lesson that over 95% of paedophiles never show contrition for what they’ve done and almost never ‘reform’ themselves – the judiciary are still spouting the same ignorant drivel and dishing out idiotic sentences.

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