GREECE: The final proof that Samaras & Venizelos have sold Hellenic sovereignty to the Troika

Rendering Greece defenceless by internet

Recently, the Troika of international lenders told the Athens Coalition that its State-owned defence businesses must be privatised “and restructured”. Earlier this week, the Greek Government offered an alternative suggestion. Within 12 hours the answer came back, predictably, “No”: the three defence industries LARKO, EAS and ELVO must close immediately without compensation for the fired personnel.

The answer came by email.

A member State of the EU begs to keep defence in its own hands, and Big Brother says no by electronic mail. We might just as well reimpose the Gauleiter system. In fact, what the Troika’s doing here is rendering Greece incapable of resistance: shafting its viability as a nation, in the same way that it raped the main Cypriot source of income.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras seems quite relaxed about this. He has plenty to smile about…..The Slog will be reporting exclusively on this later, once a key source has been verified and certain individuals identified.

Stay tuned.

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