FUKUSHIMA: The International Atomic Energy Association version

If up to now you thought Fukushima stuff was just more blogospherysteria, follow the links below and rethink a little.

The Fukushima radiation leak is, after 920 days, roughly equal to 5,910 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs. At 920 days of growth, Fukushima is 15 times bigger than the Chernobyl atomic disaster in 1986.

From within the IAEA, this is an extract from the 6th September update via its Nuclear Emergency Response HQ:

‘….the contaminated water issue has not been solved……In order to realize the restoration and revitalization of Fukushima as soon as possible, it is a matter of urgency to fundamentally settle the contaminated water issue, which has been getting serious….Every single day, a large amount of ground water flows into the basement of the reactor buildings and is mixed with the contaminated water in the basement of the reactor buildings and then accumulated in the sea-side trenches that are connected to the buildings. Consequently, the amount of contaminated water is increasing day by day and as the contaminated water leaks from the tanks and piping, management of the water becomes more difficult…..’

Or, put more succinctly…..

“F**k the women and kids, every man for himself, get the f**k oudda heeyah!”

And now….here comes the censorship: an article at euronews headed ‘Fresh leaks and higher radiation at Fukushima point to disarray in Japan’s crisis management’ has been pulled. Check for yourself.

On 21 November 2011, a report from Japan quoted in New Scientist magazine baldly asserted that ‘Just 10 people out of 5000 surveyed after the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor in March showed unusually high levels of radiation’. NS continues to play down the output from Fukushima, but it must surely by now be running out of avenues for so doing in the light of what the IAEA is saying.

Stay tuned.

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