SIMPLE ADVICE FOR THE BIG CHEESES: Don’t take the power if you don’t want the responsibility.

British extremists are going to Syria for terrorist training and returning to Britain, Theresa May has warned. I don’t know how many times I have to write this, but here goes one more time: “Theresa baby, you’re the f**king Home Secretary, not me: don’t blather on as if you were some kind of helpless housewife, get on the case“.

The regularity with which British Government politicians broadcast in this manner never ceases to astonish and irritate me.

British education is failing our children, says Education Secretary Michael Gove.

The NHS isn’t delivering a proper level of healthcare, says Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The British economy is healing but there’s still lots to do, says Chancellor George Osborne.

I don’t like this job very much, there are too many Tory ideas involved, says Business Minister Vince Cable.

Translate this for a second into the jobs real people do:

Criminals disobeying the law, warns Chief Inspector.

Classroom indiscipline out of control claims Headmaster.

Lawyers creating litigious society says top barrister.

Patient demands to have bottoms wiped a tedious chore says Nurses’ leader.

Hotel guests getting in way of smooth running of Fawlty Towers says Basil Fawlty.

Blimey, they’re at it too.

What we have in the West today is people in authority using a form of self-pitying projection to obviate personal responsibility.

My answer remains the same: “You took the job with all the prestige and the power and the salary chummy. You had the choice not to, but you took it anyway. So either resign, or get on with the job”.

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