EXCLUSIVE: Is this why the Telegraph is having a love-fest with The Chancellor?

I surely can’t have been the only person reading the Telegraph yesterday who didn’t notice that it read like the George Osborne appreciation society.

There were no less than thirteen articles saying positive things about the economy…..all of which had been debunked by The Slog here the week before.

Maybe the Barko Sarko twins figured it ought to be a good news day. Or maybe there are other things afoot.

I wonder how many of you noticed that the Tory 1922 Falangistas have once more tabled a motion asking the Yes/No referendum on EU membership to be brought forward. Or that the poll of polls is now projecting a Labour majority of 86…..no Conference bounce there then.

A small avian thingy tells me that several grandees in the Party are of the view that Dave couldn’t win a subscription offer from Reader’s Digest, let alone an election.

But biggest of all, friends, is the growing rumour that the Newscorp trials cannot be put off any longer, and the Old Estonian isn’t expected to come out of that encounter terribly well. What’s more, they see Osborne as the potential Party-healing replacement.

Well I never.