THE PAEDOFILE: Serial abuser Simon Wood worked for Jeremy Hunt’s Hotcourses Foundation

HuntkidstitleBritish Airways pilot and industrial-scale child abuser Simon Wood used his airline access and a front as an Aid Worker in Africa to assault hundreds of black orphans. Once again – despite previous convictions – background checks on the man were dilatory, and as late as this summer he was giving talks at a British school while handing out sweets to the children.

One organisation that appears to have carried out no checks at all on Wood is the Hotcourses Foundation, an African Charity run by British Council monopoly-millionaire and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Last month, the Daily Mail and other right-of-centre tabloids wrote of how Wood’s first known contact with children in Africa came “when he began visiting the Nyumbani orphanage in the Karen area of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.” Nyumbani partners with, and is an approved insitution, for the Hotcourses Foundation, as its website proudly proclaims.

Wood himself also confirmed the appointment in his cv:
Supporting HIV and AIDS affected children in Africa
Hotcourses Foundation
Providing education to the most vulnerable

It seems that Wood provided rather more than just education for the vulnerable. He told Nyumbani officials that he was a member of ‘BA’s community relations programme’. One phone call to BA would’ve shown this to be false. A simple records check would also have revealed his already established career as a serial child molester.

Hotcourses and Nyumbani now face perhaps hundreds (certainly dozens) of negligence claims against them. None of the UK right-wing MSM press appear to have picked this up. Odd that.

Also oddly Stepford-like are the running references to Wood’s alleged suicide: he ‘threw himself under a train in August’ they all say…the way yer do. Remorse is not an emotion I have ever encountered when it comes to ruthless paedophiles, and so I thought one or two folks might want to look more closely at the circumstances surrounding that one.

Major hat-tips here to Troyhand, Slogger Anna et al.

Meanwhile, bit more background Update on Jeremy Hunt’s legup-by-legup career thus far.

Having spent the last two years denying The Slog’s allegation that he is related to Virginia Bottomley (supplier of Lords votes to the private health sector) Hunt’s Wikipedia entry has now been quietly amended to show he is “related to her by marriage”. Bottomley was at the British Council when Hunt established himself there as a monopoly supplier via Hotcourses. She was also MP for Surrey SW, and passed on that seat to her in-law, thus allowing him free entry to the legislature. In the days prior to David Cameron’s last but one reshuffle, Hunt was widely expected to be fired. Instead – to almost universal astonishment – he was promoted to…Health Secretary. Sweet contact for Virginia, that one.

Hunt’s meteoric rise to superficiality has also been accelerated by his relationship with the almost invisible JHJ Lewis, Chairman of the Groucho Club….a man involved in hastily ripping out secret cameras at the Groucho after his illegal surveillance of clients came to light. Lewis even more hastily took down a paedophile exchange site at his Groucho domain (linked discreetly to the club site) when that too was unearthed.

Lewis is a major donor to the Conservative Party. He has served on tourism committees with David Cameron. How Lewis and Hunt met remains unknown. Equally unknown is why Mr Lewis bankrolls the travel costs of multi-millionaire Heath Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Stay tuned.

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