HUNT BALLS: How Hunt trousered £17m by being “no longer involved on a daily basis” in Hotcourses

Mr Berkeley-Hunt’s accounts of his affairs change to suit his agenda at any given time

hotcoursetitleWhen faced with charges that he had used aggressive tax avoidance on his company Hotcourses’ office building, Jeremy Hunt reminded the media that he “stepped down as a director of Hotcourses in 2009”. When faced with a complete lack of vetting of paedophiles in his Hotcourses Foundation, Hunt said he was “no longer involved on a daily basis”.

But when it came to selling this heap-of-crap paper-shuffling outfit, Mr Rhyming-Slange was very happy to walk off with seventeen million quid.

When faced with Slog research showing he was related to Virginia Bottomley, Hunt denied it on the record to several of his constituents in writing.

But he later quietly changed his Wikipedia entry to admit they are “related by marriage”.

He did this because their family-related reality is a matter of public record:

huntreeWhen faced with powerful evidence that his handling of the BSkyB bid was outrageously pro-Newscorp – and charged rightly by MPs with suppressing many key emails – the man who is now Health Minister merely said, “I have done nothing wrong”.

Jeremy Hunt became a monopoly supplier to the British Council thanks to Bottomley.

He took over Bottomley’s seat when she went to the Lords.

She is now chief spokesperson in the Lords for the Private Health sector.

Without the influence of her and other shadowy Tory influences, Hunt would not be Health Secretary today.

Crony Capitalism rules.

We should all keep a very close eye on who muscles in on the NHS…and how. Because I suspect Jeremy Hunt is an untrustworthy man with a long track record of nepotworking. But I could be wrong, of course.

PS Now he is a multimillionaire, will he any longer need the bankrolling assistance of former Groucho chairman JHJ Lewis, he of infamous online association with a paedophile exchange site?

PPS Do he and his relative Peter Bottomley ever reminisce about how we all miss those Monday Club day trips to Amsterdam?

I’ve just updated the complete Hunt Balls web page, should you wish to read his full life-story.