THE BORISCONI PAPERS: A Mayor, a media owner, an Old Bailey defendant, a staunch defence, and the obstruction of Justice.

borisevifinalDavid Cameron wants a culture-change in Britain to ‘get behind business’ – especially when it’s selling to Chinese militarist liberty-stranglers and dictatorially misogynist Arab States. In furthering this fine aspiration, London Mayor Boris Johnson has been flying to and from the Middle East drumming things up. What the somethings being up-drummed might be remains unclear – apart of course from Johnson’s own mission to become Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

But even in this, the Mayor’s attitude remains twofold: I want only the best for me, and there is nothing wrong with that. Johnson claimed £4,000 in flight expenses for the trip (which means he must have travelled Business Class, and I mean he was drumming up business in the Middle East which is, as we know, quite close to London). Somehow, his head of media, Sam Hart, claimed only £476 for the same trip, and so unsurprisingly London Assembly Labour leader Len Duvall said Bojo’s expenses were “outrageous” as officials are only entitled to economy and economy plus tickets.

Boris used the Hunt defence by pronouncing himself “comfortable that these claims were within the rules”. But they clearly weren’t, were they? However, Boris is “very happy” with the progress on Met Police investigations into the Elm House paedophile scandal, and so that’s good enough for me.

But here’s a funny thing, missus. One senior officer on the Enquiry isn’t at all happy with the investigation – which is, as most of you will have noticed, going nowhere and arresting nobody. This police officer alleges that the Mayor is obstructing justice. And he isn’t surprised, because (as he puts it) “we know the Mayor has form in this area”.

Much of Elm-Plod’s doubts about the motives of Mayor Johnson stem from an earlier case in which – how scurrilous is this for ‘rumour and innuendo’? – he appears to have come out very strongly in favour of a major media proprietor accused of wrongdoing…but somehow forgot to mention a very large conflict of interest in the case. He called the investigation of this case “left-wing poppycock and a waste of police resources” during one of his meetings with senior Met Officers. He being Mayor and all, BoJo has huge influence in the taking of such resource decisions.

Johnson turned out, as usual, to be completely wrong (the outcome is a trial at the Old Bailey among other things) but ever since that outburst at a Met Council meeting, the Mayor has never apologised, nor indeed explained the motives that lay behind it. And this irks our aforesaid detective greatly, who is telling anyone who will listen that “I am not going to have the [Elm House] enquiry shut down or hushed up.

I am reminded of another greatly depraved Tory chancer Bob Boothby, and his defence of the Kray twins in Parliament during the 1960s. Boothby – a bisexual gangster f**ker and paedophile – was never collared for any of his misdeeds, although Ronnie and Reggie of course were.

Readers should not construe from this that I think there is any resemblance between Boris Johnson and Bob Boothby: the Mayor is not, for example, a paedophile, or homosexual, or dead. But I hear that Mr Johnson does think that money and power can put him beyond the reach of justice.

He could be right, he could be wrong. But BoJo is watching events at the Old Bailey with interest.

You may have noticed that the press is already bored with Court proceedings about illegal privacy invasions and conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice. I don’t have any kind of steer at all about which way the verdict might go, but you can rest assured that at some point a plea-bargain will be constructed should anyone find themselves facing a long stretch at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Elm House Plod is suffused with expectation about what might be on the table once that point is reached….as indeed are some very senior Met officers. These ‘discussions’ might, for example, include clarification from one of the defendants about how East London Academies were funded to the advantage of Messrs Boris Johnson and Education Secretary Michael Gove. And – who knows? – what the quid pro quo was for the supply of such funds. Mr Gove, you will recall, is yet another former Murdoch employee who constantly sees sunbeams flowing earthwards from the rectum of Australia’s deadliest-ever export.

Keen students of the Leveson Enquiry might have noticed that neither Gove nor Johnson were called to appear before his Lordship. Given the enquiry concerned the unhealthly relationship between media owners, police and politicians in Britain, it does seem rather odd that neither man was asked to give evidence – despite both of them ticking all three boxes.

Even odder is the fact that all intermediary and public requests for them to appear – complete with compelling evidence to support the idea – were ignored by Leveson.

Leveson, as you doubtless already know, somehow managed to complete his report without reaching any conclusions about cops, pols and hacks….but did suggest that all blogosphere leading lights should be wiped out and their families made to watch it happening.

Last week, Grayling the Justice tried to slip under the wire a disgracefully biased Bill proposing to make it easier and cheaper to sue bloggers. Grant Shapps aka Graphs Pants has led the charge to further starve the BBC of monies. And the arrest of ageing BBC gays and gropers like Paul Gambacinni continues to gather pace, while the Elm House case pussyfoots around in circles far removed from the First Circle.

All of these events are tangentially or directly connected. They all demonstrate the usual heady brew of distraction, vindictive prosecution, politicisation of the police, steady erosion of free non-monied speech, and corrupt sleaze going on behind the scenes.

But the right testimony from a former tabloidista could threaten all of it – and reveal once and for all what an astonishingly unpleasant collection of lowlife cheats and greedy crooks Conservative Party big beasts are today. If and when this happens, it will be despite Her Majesty’s Opposition rather than because of it. In the continuing attempt to lasso enforced equality via affirmative privilege, the Labour Party utterly fails to grasp that there is no real equality before the Law in Britain…or even that the Rule of Law is imploding in the face of anti-matter like Michael Fallon, Jeremy Hunt, George Osborne and Boris Johnson.

That’s why the Establishment wants to neuter all of us here in hyperspace. Having demolished the least line of resistance (Plod) the elite now want to get rid of the last line of resistance. The Johnson saga is of immense importance as a test case in this process. Do not take your eyes off it.

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