THE PAEDOFILE: MARK WILLIAMS-THOMAS – Is there more we should know about the Paedofinder General?

mwtitleThe secretive life & times of a man with an interest in the myth of ubiquitous paedophilia

Mark Williams-Thomas (above) seems to have devoted his life to exposing suspected paedophiles….especially at the BBC. His police career and business interests seem to be the subject of an inordinate amount of secrecy. Why? The Slog does some initial digging.

A bit of throat-clearing to open with, if you can bear with me. I have been investigating genuine child-trafficking rings and systemic paedophilia in our schools, care homes, education systems and politics for seven years now. I’ve done so in seven cities, three social services constructs, a hospital, four police forces and two local councils. I remain absolutely convinced that there have been cover-ups of genuine paedophile predators and trafficking for over fifty years at least. So I don’t poo-pooh the reality of privilege and paedophilia as an element in our culture.

But the fact still remains that over four-fifths of all paedophile abuse takes place within families. I follow the systemic trail largely out of my distaste for bullying privilege: it is of far more interest to me than such a disturbing form of sexual deviancy. But it is a tiny proportion of all cases.

That privilege is still working against the exposure of systemic abuse can be observed just from the lamentable state of the Fernbridge Investigation….a case that has been reopened four times in thirty five years, is still going nowhere, and is now being nobbled by the CPS. And in that context, I have well-founded and very strong suspicions that the alleged BBC disc-jockey-presenter-paedo is a mud-slinging case of mass distraction from the real criminals at high levels. I remain very dubious about the role of Newscorp, the Met, and the Conservative Party in what is clearly turning into a largely baseless witch-hunt against the national broadcaster.

All of which has led me to wonder about the role of one Mark Williams-Thomas.

Most people who work in or report upon the nature of paedofile activity and child-trafficking in the UK know of Mark Williams-Thomas. MWT (I shall henceforth refer to him as) is of course renowned as the national hero who exposed the full ghastliness of Jimmy Savile’s ownership of a bike – a bike he used to “Groom a Nation” we are somewhat unfeasibly told.

Most people who read The Sun are unutterably brain-damaged. I’m sorry, I’ll read that again…Most people who read The Sun have also heard a lot about MWT, because he often talks about The Sun being “about to reveal names” on Twitter, and that he’s all in favour of it….as he was for instance about Paul Gambaccini being named…he linked to the Sun on Twitter about that incident on 31st October 2013; as indeed he usually links to The Sun. But he has never revealed as such how he knew that the name was going to be released.

However, most people who work in, with, and around the Police know that MWT also used to be a copper. A copper with Surrey police. A police force on the record as having cooperated with Newscorp on many a caper involving mobile phone messages. You know Surrey police….they’re the ones who got Jonathan King banged up. Mr King has quietly strong opinions about Surrey Police.

During 2012, the deputy chief constable of Surrey Police was investigated over the hacking of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s mobile phone voicemail. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it would examine the conduct of Craig Denholm, who led the probe into her disappearance, and also investigate Detective Superintendent Maria Woodall, who took over as senior investigating officer in 2006. The probe followed claims that officers knew in 2002 the phone had been hacked.

It takes one helluva lot to make the IPCC get its arse into gear. But the behaviour of Surrey Plod had not been of the best. And like I say, MWT used to work for, um, Surrey Police. But no slur intended, MWT – fair play: I’m sure you were a model cop, having an MA as you do in Child Protection something or other, you being an expert in the field, an’ all.

So if that’s the case (and do rest assured MWT, I don’t listen to idle gossip, and I’m sure it is the case) perhaps you’d like to offer a view on why, on October 2nd 2012, Surrey Police turned down an FOI request as to your disciplinary record while a member of this fine squad of men.

Even better MWT – soddit, I’ll call you Mark, as I seem to know you so well by now – why don’t you do the decent thing that comes so naturally to you, and simply give us the details yourself? Obviously you have nothing to hide Mark: so why not eh?

And one more thing…I don’t want to seem picky Mark, but…well, it’s just that we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that, potentially – I mean, if one was a mean-spirited sort of chap you could point out – that MWT is a tarnished witness with (who knows?) an agenda here going far beyond the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Virtue.

You see, MWT not only has a past that could be held against him, he also has a present and a future that could be held to be a massive conflict of interest for such a media-hungry chap. For Mark Williams-Thomas is the founder and owner of WT Associates (bet you can’t guess what the WT stands for) – a company offering investigations, expert testimony, courses and training in ‘Child Protection and Risk Management services’. Ah.

So, er, the greater the panic about paedos under every kiddy’s bed, the better (one must assume) Mark’s company will do. Probably, I would’ve thought. Which might also explain why he turns up in the media so often – an MO that has, let’s be clear about this, been established in the past as a jolly good way to grow a business.

Sadly, having been to a few sites in in order to examine WT Associates accounts, I’m beginning to have my doubts about whether Mark would actually be willing to tell us voluntarily about his Surrey Copper years. For not only is his company exempted from making its accounts and shareholdings public, it is also for some reason allowed to make that part of the Companies Act that allows it to do so to remain secret as well. It’s a sort of gagg wrapped in a D-Notice and locked in an attic whose location cannot be revealed. As their Companies House entry shows:

‘The company #s entitled to exemption from audit under Section ### of the Companies Act #### for the year ended ## June ####.
The members have not required the company to obtain an audit of its financial statements for the year ended ## June #### in
accordance with Section ### of the Companies Act ####.’

So that’s crystal clear, then.


The thing overall that makes Marky-Mark a man whose past we should examine in forensic detail is that he ticks all the usual boxes when it comes to the ongoing crooked demolition of the BBC’s reputation for sexual probity; and that his secretive approach to life – plus seamy Twitter slurs – point him up, for those of us who still care about such niceties, as a bloke who seems to have one shedload of power, but no accountability to go with it.

That’s to say, he was a cop, he used to work in a police force cooperating covertly with Murdoch, and he’s passionately businesslike about rooting out all those disgusting paedophiles at the Beeb – which Mr Murdoch’s Newscorp would like to destroy…an institution that no less a software con merchant than Grant Shapps says should share its licence fee next time around….with, we presume, Newscorp.

I know a fair bit about four of the BBC DJ cases, and the ‘charges’ involved. And I’ve watched what Mark has said, written and tweeted about two of them. In both cases, his “suggestive” copy was, to my near-certain knowledge, tosh. I also continue to weigh the number of crimes of which Jimmy Savile is accused with the reality of his probable sexual bent: and I read or hear what Mark has to say about it. And that too is, in my opinion, also tosh.

So as the sun beats down weakly on a frosty clear day here Somewhere in Europe, I think we should be told more about the conflicts and motives that swim around in MWT’s life. Is he just another ex-copper on the make? Is he working in some capacity for a larger employer? Can we trust him? And, er, how’s business Mark?

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