A FRIDAY BETWEEN PISS-UPS…..a good day to get some bad news out there.

Most the stuff you read today will not even be noticed by most people. But the last item must be followed up….

As RBS CEO Ross McEwan seems unable to find any evidence of his bank battering SMEs to a pulp, Lawrence Tomlinson (author of the inquiry showing exactly how RBS had deliberately destroyed companies to make a profit) is giving the partially sighted bank boss a helping hand across the road.

Yesterday, Mr Tomlinson (an inhouse whistle-blower at Vince Cable’s BIS) revealed that he has received another 450 cases since his report was published at the end of November. Most of his new case-histories, it seems, relate to RBS’s Global Restructuring Group (GRG), and I’m told demonstrate the usual MO involving credit fraud, asset grabbing and other little wheezes that made Stephen Hester such a popular chap at the Treasury.

I wish Lawrence Tomlinson luck in his quest, but have a feeling that no matter how many examples are cited, the partially sighted will always cite extenuating circumstances, say it could’ve been a damn sight worse, and then shuffle the mess out of sight as quickly as possible.


Meanwhile, back in the asylum, Enterprise Zones are looking a bit sick, and not doing as well as could be expected. All their jobs targets have been missed, and what were apparently “hopes for 54,000 in new employment by 2015” have been revised, as in, um, dropped. I can’t say I ever had any such hopes, so my life will continue undisturbed by the news.

You know how bad things are when even short hours, double counting, and claiming to have found jobs that don’t exist can’t make things look roughly OK.


It was a Barclay Brothers special this morning as Bumper Boxing Day sales created a £2.7bn spending spree “with spending up as shoppers hit town centres and online retailers, confounding fears of a slump”. Bumper Boxing Barclay Brecqou Bollocks Big Bright Brilliant Bravissimo. Another corner turned without looking, straight into an FT piece heading in the opposite direction:

ftboxingBarclays always get fings wrong. Every other spinner is pushing out the bad news, but the Brothers (not having noticed it’s Christmas) are still banging that Bumper Boom Banjo. UK on course to be strong man of Europe. Brickies cash in on housing boom. Mortgage approvals surge as lending jumps. Big Bollock-shaped Balloons seen drifting Britainwards from Brecqou.


But some news drifts up to the surface no matter what day it is, and how many attempts are made to deny it through the medium of burial. This video shows what is alleged to be the leader of a Conservative Council last June trying to talk his way out of having been caught offering sex and indecent images of himself online to what he thought was an 11 year old girl.

torypaedo1This is the bloke. He has a strong northern accent (I would say North West, close to Manchester). He doesn’t work at the BBC, and he isn’t a DJ, so the chances are he got away with it.

Does anyone know who he is? All answers please to jawslog@gmail.com.

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