DRIVEL OF THE DAY: Dan Hannan on how we should all try harder to see the bright future ahead

dansatisselftitleBlessed are the Hannans, for verily they are privileged as none other

Dan Hannan is a four-letter name. Check it out. He just goes Han and ann and an.

He was educated at Marlborough College, and Oriel College, Oxford. He was President of the Oxford University Conservative Association in 1992. He became national vice-chairman of Conservative Students from 1992–3, and then chairman of Conservative Graduates from 1994. That same year he became a director of the Eurosceptic political think-tank, the European Research Group. He was elected to the European Parliament in 1999. Not a single penny of his net worth today was earned contributing to either the public or private sector of our economy.

I love Dan, I truly do: for he is the ultimate personification of Room 101: a man who claims to be a Conservative MEP, but who opposes the policies of both entities… a chap who offers his collective wisdom on how to conduct commerce, with no commercial experience. He is the archetypal “professional” politician, known elsewhere as the Great British Amateur. And you can only taste the full, onctueuse flavour of Dan’s horsesh*t at The Slog homepage, right hand column – Drivel of the Day.

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