FUKUSHIMA: US Govt ‘orders huge quantity anti-radiation drug’. Does this story stack up?

potiodideA story at website The West Wire is reporting that Washington has ordered 14 million doses of Potassium Iodide, a substance used in the treatment of radiation sickness. (The alleged Federal solicitation document is page-captured above.

There are things about this ‘story’ that worry me:

1. If the order is genuine, someone in Washington can’t spell the product name

2. This is not the most secretive way to order stuff.

3. Not sure why it’s in low-dosage – 65mg – packages for serious radiation therapy, when you can buy it online at 130mg:

potioad4. It has myriad other uses beyond radiation treatment as you can see here, and is very probably for use in US Medicare generally.

5. We need to find out what the Government ordered last time, and thus judge how “normal” a solicitation notice this is.

Until all these things have been followed up, I shall be losing interest in this “story” as of now.