LEVSHAMtitleThe man who put the sham in shambles

The Independent/IoS group remains, as I posted last week, way out in front when it comes to the ethical meltdown in our culture, and the disappearance of anything even remotely resembling the rule of law. Tom Harper’s piece at the IoS today is testament to that assertion – and what an exemplary piece of investigative journalism it is.

The lead makes the following points with admirable brevity:

1. Clearly, Leveson was doing the Establishment’s bidding from Day One.

2. The NotW and senior Met officers were in regular contact throughout the enquiry in order to ensure there were no crossed wires, and that Leveson would dismiss anything his masters didn’t like.

3. Leveson prosecutor Robert Jay lied about when he had sight of one especially damaging Met report detailing Met/NotW collusion on leaks and testimony.

4. A very senior Newscorp hacker was at the centre of both the original collusion and its cover-up…but he remains at large.

5. It is clear that an inquiry set up to rid Britain of the Newscorp – Met Police – Tory Party relationship did not do so: in fact, it knowingly covered it up.

From here we are, of course, led back to meetings between David Cameron, Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch; Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch + Rebekah Brooks in the London Mayor’s office; the link between Plebgate leaks from the Met to the Sun; the attempt to spike the Met Police Hackgate investigation from the Mayor’s office; the growing evidence of faked crime figures upon which Mayor Johnson based his reelection campaign; and above all….the extraordinary eleventh-hour attempt by Leveson himself to pretend that the main criminals in the mix were bloggers.

It’s hard to imagine a more total, brazen and clumsy stitch-up than this one. But still the electorate’s dead sheep slumber through their daily dose of soma*, blissfully oblivious to the destruction of our British civilisation by those who have somehow landed on their feet from The Planet of the Apes.

Yesterday, one whose opportunistic intervention in all this became the most effective all-time distraction weapon passed on to another place where the playing of billiards is strictly forbidden. You cannot defame a dead person. This may well open more sluice-gates from the cesspool. Stay tuned.

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*Soma was the magical substance used by the authorities to calm down the voters in Aldous Huxley’s classic novel of the future, Brave New World. Huxley’s depiction of infantile ‘sex games’ in the book is especially fascinating given Britain’s denialist attitude to Establishment paedophilia today.