GREECE: Slog’s default prediction officially confirmed

sambennyfinalAntonikis was shocked to discover new evidence of woodworm in the Parliament

Last Monday, a secret meeting of the Big SDs in Brussels took place to discuss Greece. Yesterday afternoon at 3.40 pm New York Time, the penny finally dropped at Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal:

‘[The meeting] discussed how to press the Greek government to forge ahead with unpopular structural reforms; and second, how to scramble together extra cash to cover a shortfall in the country’s financing for the second half of the year, estimated at €5 billion-€6 billion….the troika have put on hold their plans to travel to Athens. Concerns are growing because Greece faces a large maturity of government bonds in May of €11 billion.’

Two weeks ago, in a post entitled Mind the Gap, I wrote:

‘Several charts obtained from the EU and IMF finally end the debate about Greece’s funding gap this morning: without further loan support, Greece will default in May. And even if this is forthcoming, the country will default without yet more help in August.’

I hope plenty of Greeks noticed the WSJ piece, but I suspect they didn’t. Please pass on this information to as many influential Athenians as you can. And to the PM’s supporters in Kalamata, I say “FFS wake up”.

Your Prime Minister lied to you about ‘leaving the bailout scheme next year’. Your Prime Minister tried to frame Golden Dawn (an organisation I abhor) with a clumsy tissue of lies. His fat clown Evangelos Venizelos (the surname itself invented to claim lineage from one of Greece’s finest families) is a crooked embezzler who has ruined his Party and sold out his supporters. Even Alexis Tsipras continues to believe that Greece can stay in the euro and survive.

It cannot. From here on, Greece needs leaders it can look up to….without them spitting in its face. Former Pasokians, honest centrists and the Parties of the Left should come to an anti-Brussels accommodation, and fight the next election to keep the old guard and the new Nazis out – and then kick out the Eunatics for good.

ανεξαρτησία για την Ελλάδα!

Thanks as ever go to Dimitris, the two Elenis, Nick, Yianna and the guys in the Kafenion

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