THE PAEDOFILE: ELM HOUSE – Why Boris Johnson is a very happy man

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Fourth time around, no arrests, no charges, no progress, no credibility

It is now some four months since London Mayor Boris Johnson told the media he thought the Elm House paedophile investigation was proceeding “very satisfactorily”. He’s easily satisfied.

In November 2012, The Labour MP Tom Watson spoken at pmq’s of a “powerful paedophile ring” and its links to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser”. He left David Cameron looking extremely uncomfortable. An investigation was promised.

The portents from the past weren’t good. Home Secretary at the time Leon Brittan “lost” papers given to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens, who claimed the dossier contained “compelling evidence” of child abuse. The very high likelihood of political figures being involved was highlighted by a sudden decision, in 1982, to get Special Branch involved. The place was raided, and owner Carol Kasir arrested. Her own child was taken into care, and she tried in vain for the rest of her life to get him back: that too suggests she knew what danger he was in. Kasir died from an overdose of insulin in 1990, in circumstances claimed by some to be suspicious: she hadn’t taken any of her medication for a while, and then took a lot. This doesn’t make sense if you’re a chronic diabetic.

A low-profile inquiry in 2003 went nowhere. Further pressure then got it reexamined by the IPCC. That too went nowhere.

Yet more attempts have been made in the intervening years to get the case reopened. This latest one began in December 2012, and became Operation Fernbridge.

Early in 2013, the Met raided the offices of a victims’ support group, and removed a large number of files. They still haven’t explained why.

In February 2013, the Mail headlined that a “bombshell” was about to fall in the case. It didn’t.

On five separate occasions since then (the latest last week) there have been leaked promises of a “big story about to break” and a “former Cabinet Minister” being questioned. None of it has produced a single arrest of the participants, let alone a charge. This despite the fact that twelve boys gave evidence to the police about being abused by men at Elm House.

“This time, there are not going to be any cover-ups, and at least one arrest is imminent,” a middleweight detective on the case claimed last Autumn.

In December 2013, a year into the mission – the Met said they were “no longer certain charges would arise” from the operation. But they did confirm that Cyril Smith had been a visitor. The extraordinary correlation between guilt and extinction continues.

Two former Ministers in Margaret Thatcher’s Second Administration are still very much alive, and one of them has identified himself on film at the house during a Party….but claimed he didn’t abuse anyone.

Last week, the house’s original owner Haroon Kasir was released without charge.

The Exaro site tried to keep interest alive yesterday with something of a limp piece about one kid being taken to a “staging post” flat prior to joining the Elm House parties. The boy identified the house, but its ownership has changed, and the police say they “do not know how it was connected to Elm House”. I mean be fair, they’re only the police for goodness sake.

Cracking the Elm House case would be key to establishing what many close to the situation are already sure is true: that at least one of the suspects was involved in trafficking both boys and hard-porn paedophile literature under cover of his diplomatic job, and another joined trips to Amsterdam in the 1975-90 period, the nature of which are well-known to the UK’s main national security agencies.

The ramifications of such a conclusive link being established are obvious, and for the Conservative Party too horrendous to contemplate. For while it “was all a long time ago”, both the suspects are closely linked to powerful senior politicians. Three separate Cabinet Ministers would be placed close to the case….and while almost certainly not personally involved, they would be seen to have used the ‘old pals’ act’ via the suspects to get to where they are today.

I will repeat for the benefit of new readers what I have asserted many times before: I suspect that paedophilia in political circles is rare, but it has a history that is difficult to deny completely. I’m sure from published statistics that most paedophilia remains familial in nature. Such as exists outside of that arena is very often opportunistic and unpremeditated. But some trafficking rings very obviously do operate, and they succeed partly through the turning of blind eyes among senior authorities….as in Rotherham. At least one such is still extant in Plymouth; there are at least two in Glasgow, one in Cumbria, and two more in Liverpool.

I have no prurient or morbid fascination with paedophilia: I stumbled into the field entirely by accident while investigating a case involving a joint police/social worker child snatch in Devon. My sole concern with it among the Establishment is that it represents about the most disgusting abuse of power imaginable in anything but a Gomorrah culture. My focus on this blog has always been the misuse of privilege, the abuse of power, the rule of law, and equality before the law.

Frankly, I wish I’d never delved into the area at all these days. Not only does its exploitation for venal purposes depress me profoundly (why anyone still takes Mark Williams-Thomas seriously is beyond me) there is also a sense I get more and more now that powerful people know how to manipulate mobs, and they’re clearly very skilled at it. And the venom one receives for being factual and balanced about the issue is even worse than that handed out by the climate mudslingers.

But as regards Elm House, it seems almost certain that serious abuse occurred there, and that the sick people who did these things got clean away. Again.

In that conext, it is truly Orwellian to listen to Dave Lee Travis being questioned about groping grown women, and then reading blogs and tweets the next day breeziliy referring to the bloke as a paedophile pest. The BBC Seven arrests will be shown up at some point as quite the nastiest attempt to use paedomania for political and media advantage in British history. It only confirms to those of us focused on facts just what despicable depths the Government Executive will go to in order to have the people who pay the piper calling the tune. We are, in 2014, ruled by the depraved. And the Mob is their willing accomplice.

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