cliffordgroomDo these hands belong to the most vile paedo-perv in Britain?

Grooming, I hear tell, is the new black when it comes to the Boys in Blue: if in doubt, smear Chummy with the grooming thing. It worked on Jimmy Savile (who as we all know, groomed a nation by using his magic sex-sleigh, with the infamous six BBC reindeer Dave, Lee, Travis, Tarbuck, Paul and Gambaccini) but on a smaller scale, Plod is becoming adept at doing little sums to arrive at an accusation to fit up, sorry, I meant suit pretty much everyone born after World War II.

Thus somebody writes a accusatory letter to Clifford at a certain age, he ignores it as the alleged ravings of a fantasist…..but being a careful sort of chap, keeps two copies. And before you can say “You’re nicked”, the letter becomes a major part of the prosecution’s opening statement. One wonders who contacted who in relation to the subject of the accuser giving evidence; but such would be mere hearsay….and not the stuff of serious journalism about nation-grooming,

Following the first recess however, self-abuse expert and self-styled criminologist Mark Winkle-Tosser was heard exclaiming, “What about that letter? That’s pretty conclusive…He claims he hasn’t met her but has two copies of the letter. He’s fucked isn’t he?” To which, I suppose, the only answer is, “Receiving a letter doth not a meeting make, you clown”.

Before the opening speech, by the way, Court attendees were given the Defence’s version of why the case was late starting. But I can’t comment on that. I can defame the defendant by telling you that the prosecution accuse him of being a vile, bullying paedophile….but I can’t tell you why the case started late. It’s all about equality before the Law, apparently.

And finally, a little limerick to keep the MSM on their toes:

There once was a copper called Pricewho’d had lots of dealings with vice.
Some thought that his name
held clues to his game…

I think that thus far will suffice.

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