Erdogan’s Twitter ban, and why it gives the seamless elite a problem from Greece to the Ukraine

erdogobptnetErdogob tells it like it is

Another blunder comes back to haunt the Prime Minister this morning, as his good friend Erdogan the Mad of Turkey has banned Twitter, in an attempt to become what he has obviously always been: a closet Islamist fascist. This also gives NATO aka Washington and Brussels something tricky to think about, as – having supped with the Devil in order to have Assad well and truly surrounded plus an alternative route to oil or gas energy – they now have to lengthen their spoon a little. Such are the wages of gluttony.

As part and parcel of their unbelievable arrogance in awarding little trinkets here and there, the US/EC axis will now have to perhaps at last explain why they gaily promised Erdoguns a whopping one-third of all the energy and minerals discovered under Crete. They won’t of course: what I expect next is a column by Con Coughlin accusing Tehran of readying to launch missiles at Erdogan. This is about as likely as Syria bombing Turkey, but then that’s what was alleged last year….and most people believed them. Except the Turks, of course.

When maniacs like Recep Erdogan come along, they usually give themselves away fairly quickly. The body language screams ‘headcase’, after which the content of the speeches confirms the diagnosis. But some folks – and by that I mean the entire British foreign office – seem unable to grasp the tell-tale signs. There is also a law out there which states “If I want a nutter to be sane, then he/she shall be so”. I’ve been marking Erdo’s card since 2010, and at every stage he has shown the predictable game-moves used by every thinly-disguised dictatorial fanatic since Nero. Now once again, the major powers have egg all over their faces. And the Eunatics desire to get Turkey into the EU is at last shown to be utter madness.

But by no means all of this ‘diplomacy’ is naive. Cameron knew perfectly well what the Turkish leader was about when he went to Ankara and showered him with rose petals: just as Osborne and Johnson knew perfectly well what sort of ghastly regime runs China, but grovelled in Beijing to get a trade deal…and then gave the Boys from Beijing carte blanche to build a rice-paper nuclear reactor in Britain. Probably somewhere in Deptford, I’d imagine.

The world of 2014 is become a seamless one, in that the confluence of diplomacy, government, business, spying, internet provision, economics and fiscal management has made the join invisible to the naked eye. The process has been hugely helped by 60% of western populations being asleep, and 100% of the liberal Left unable to leave the past behind, or engage with others in the present. (The Left doesn’t do The Future beyond Utopian visions of robotically perfect human beings walking about giving each other flowers and helping to recycle the rubbish of the Old).

To give an example of the invisible stitching together of disciplines among the self-appointed élite, we need only look at Ukraine. There we see a problem clothed entirely in graphene : the EU wants the cheap labour and the Ukrainians need the money, the Americans need Putin’s energy block neutralised and so attack his bonds and access to global exchange, the rouble plummets thus making Vlad’s exports even cheaper, but at the same time EU energy more affordable. This might alleviate the strange behaviour of QE hawk turned dove Janet Yellen, and her one-woman mission to poke the world’s emerging economies in the eye.

Taken as a whole, the Ukraine ‘crisis’ must therefore automatically involve global business, the oilcos, bankers, bond dealers, hedge funds, global lenders, commodity traders, the Fed, diplomats, politicians, bureaucrats, spin doctors, media placement, and the ISP-driven technology/propaganda benefit that has fallen at the feet of a dozen sovereign security agencies.

As I’ve said before, none of the above makes it a conspiracy. Rather, it’s simply the reality of shared needs and aims. These are greed, munneeee, and power. They work on all the levels in all the situations where Survive & Thrive is the obsession.

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