Global astonishment as lots of people shown to know something, nobody knows everything, and politicians know next to nothing

abelptnetOn and on it goes…

US data, it seems, helped stimulate the Asian bourses overnight. Stocks soared as “US consumer confidence hit a six-year high and tensions over Ukraine eased”. Do confident consumers know which way is up? Was there ever that much real tension about Ukraine? I very much doubt it.
But these days, it’s important to be on the ball ahead of the curve and perfectly positioned for that next wave. It’s easy to spot me on the beaches of Europe these days: I’m the guy balancing on a bright-orange sphere slightly ahead of the final curve as the Big One heads in. Later, I’m the guy with a fractured skull and four broken ribs, having been too busy watching the sea to notice the jagged igneous rock for which I was headed.
Yes, it’s vital to be the first out of the blocks, unless of course you’re Ed Balls, in which case fully six days after a rabid Neolib Budget, you finally tweet this:
ballslateSo there we are: it didn’t just fail sports fans, it like wow todally failed. Because hey, we have a cost of living crisis. Well, Ed doesn’t, because he’s still like todally sponsored by two Hedge Funds the Cooperative Movement, which he stabbed in the front last year. But it’s true, the rest of us do have trouble making ends meet right now.
The link, unfortunately, did NOT contain a deconstruction of Osbornomics as illustrated by the Budget for the Spivs: it contained a ten day old article Ed wrote in The Mirror before the Budget. (I agree with every one of his proposals, none of which however have credible financing proposals behind them).
This is why I dislike Mr Balls. For other reasons, I dislike Boris, Yeo, Robsone, Ezak, Clegg, Burnham, Harman and, in total, all but about 25 of our legislators at Westminster. I also dislike Nigel Farrago because he’s an obvious fake who’s been trying to get into Westminster for 20 years, and failed consistently so to do.
This means that on Mondays, I am fascist racist, on Tuesdays closet LibDem, and then on Wednesdays false flag Towreee. Tomorrow I shall be donning my europhile regalia, and Fridays usually round off my week with a virtuoso performance of Little Englander thinly-veiled homophobe. At the weekends, I normally relax into my natural misogyny, me being a 66 year-old male with porridge for a brain.
I have no tribe. I am independent. I don’t trust more than half a dozen politicians at local or national level. The log book of history is with me on this, not the tribalists. Get over it. You’ll pay Mr Balls more taxes, even though you don’t need to. Or if the Tories win in 2015, Mr Yeo will want you to pay for his taxis, and Mr Osborne will use your freed-up pension pots to prop up yet more pants-wetting bankers.
I say cut out the middle man: take out your pension pot today, and give it to a banker. You know it makes sense. (For everyone at Liberal Conspiracy, that was a joke).
I’ve come to realise after ten years of blogging that all belief systems are and always will be intrinsically totalitarian, pinched-face excuses for anti-empiricism. You can be EDL, Islamist, neoliberal, Communist, racist, Warmist, rabid feminist, Christian fundamentalist, Delingpolar, nationalist or socialist: it doesn’t matter, because within seconds those running the show will ask you to close your mind, ears and eyes to at least ten reality checks that prove their Big Obsession to be absolute bollocks.
You have to be, let’s face it, three stops up from Barking and looking through the wrong end of a closed-off telescope to dismiss forthright criticism as the false-flag machinations of those who Do Not Believe.
I Do Not Believe any one single theory, Party or Messiah knows. The obvious, predictable conclusion of belief in that construct is (perm any one from) Hitler, Stalin, Verwoerd, Khomeini, Sadam, Mugabe, and Boris Johnson.
This does not mean a belief in nothing. It means FFS stop trying to force-fit me into your tribe or somebody else’s. It’s a long summary I know, but this is roughly what I am this week:
A culturo-constitutional radical who would prefer far more communitarian mutualism and sense of personal responsibility, and far less Bourse-raised capital and litigation, than pertains in our society today.
Next week, if Michael Fallon’s theory that mutualism gives you cancer turns out to be true, I’ll think again. It’s what Infidels like me do.
Now let’s get on with nailing the nasties.
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