Rigging means rising, anagrams are wild, and the rules of Putin Poker.

I remain, sadly, very restricted as to what I can do using a tablet in this medium. So tonight’s offering will I suspect be something of a mish-mash, but hopefully not a mishap.

Many of you will not know that an anagram of Nigel Farage is Ian Feral-Egg.  Another is Ali Greenfag. I just thought those revelations might add to the sum of human knowledge. 

UK car sales have risen to a bumper high do you gerrit, car, bumper etc etc….and almost ALL sales required credit, because that’s where the motor cos make most of their money. This is how we got into this mess….remember?

The internet tonight tells me that all stock markets are rigged,  but must fall. What used to be ‘investment’ is become Russian roulette….or maybe that should be brought up to date as Putin Poker.

Rigged or not, there is I’m afraid no getting away from new data finding out The Chancer of the Exchequer’s recovery nonsense….so the Quid fell back sharply this week.

Due to right hand little finger repetitive strain injury, there will be no Saturday Essay tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend.