The last job on Earth.

I have just realised that the last remaining job for life is the job of counting all those who no longer have a job for life.

Yes, it’s ironic….and no, it’s not an exaggeration.

The following have all self-evidently resulted in a massive reduction in the West’s employment universe: changed internet models, creedy Bourse shareholder short termism, globalist thirst for replacement sales, virtual after-sales service, privatisation, Asian competition, reckless sovereign borrowing, reckless banker product development, technological factory-function robotics, the rise of the corporate accountant, cuts in government spending, and asset-stripping in its many forms.

The accountant in particular has persuaded marketing that built-in product failure will both reduce costs and increase consumption rates. At the moment here, I have (a) a television failing to do almost everything I ask of it (b) a washing machine that won’t rinse or spin damp-dry any more (c) an oven that has one heat control (Surface of the sun) (d) a fridge that is frost free but churns out half an iceberg a week and (e) a tractor-mower which, in the last week alone, has shed two guidance wheels and stopped cutting any grass as such.

None of these items is over seven years old, and were I to try and get them repaired, I would be a long time looking for candidates. But outside I have a Merc motor home built and engineered 13 years ago which looks, works and drives like it left the factory yesterday. I do not see any shortage of Chinese customers for Mercedes.

And now – because of the millions of lost jobs, Zirped savings rates, and reduced welfare levels across the West – over 75% of the population lacks the money to keep up the replacement volumes that globalist mercantilism requires to keep the show on the road.

This idea conjures up visions in my mind of an asylum inmate stabbing himself in a frenzy while saying it’s his only chance for survival.

The insanity demands that Britain and the US include QE in their gdp figures, and  the EU has to stimulate from under the table: it’s the only way to hide the fact that we are heading for the greatest slump in capitalist history.

It demands that every Sovereign in the West must print money: it’s the only way to hide that the banks are still insolvent – as a result of which we got the lower interest rates and debts on our national backs in the first place.

It persuades everyone among the 3% at the top to ditch shares and currencies, and pay whatever the market demands for safe, gated property.

But day in, day out, otherwise intelligent politicians, media commentators, and top-tier multinational apologists insist that neoliberalism is the only way forward. They insist that globalist trade mania is the only possible future. They insist that recovery is just around the corner, and we are all in this together.

There could be no more damning proof of the esteem in which these people – whom we elect, whom we support, and to whom we pay taxes – hold us.

Those with no ideas (and no sense of the need to dump ideology in favour of unified Resistance) are handing the victory to these swine. So too is that eternally unaware bourgeoisie who thought Blair “a safe pair of hands” and now believes Jeremy Hunt “seems a decent sort”. So too is the lazy, defeatist self-styled cynicism of those who all-knowingly pontificate via phrases like “what do you expect?”, and round off with the ultimate excuse to sit back on the sofa: “it won’t make any difference”.

And oddly, so too are the Left’s hairy ‘activists’, who have yet to progress past sloganising placards and demos and petitions and sitins. I admire their energy, but not their strategic vision. This isn’t 1968 or 1983, or even 1995: the Potters running the show now don’t GAF about any of that stuff, or indeed the blogosphere full of egomaniacs yelling their heads off. They can ignore, stop, bang up or close down all of it any time they like.

We are about to enter the clandestine stage of Resistance. And in our 100% surveillance, genetic footprint, social network, ISP/GCHQ/NSA dominated culture, carrying it out is going to be well-nigh impossible.

I can only hope that there are enough smart people out there on our side to help deliver us from evil.