READERAMA: The real nature of Tony Blair, the surreal nature of G4S’s relationship with Whitehall, and the unreal nature of global wealth

I’m grateful to a veteran Slogger for pointing out another classic piece from Craig Murray, whose beady and 2020-vision eye is once more on Tony Blair’s non-stop ability to keep every one of his crimes out of the public domain. I don’t always agree with Murray, but the subject of this blog (Iraq War Crime implication) reflects exactly the feedback I was getting from the FCO four years ago. This is a must-read from a genuine seeker after truth and the restoration of ethics in public life.

Following my suitably nasty piece about G4S corruption last night, another reader tells me that G4S has now been formally “cleared”, and is thus OK to bid for more government contracts. It beggars belief. Only last month, the company agreed to give back to the Ministry of Justice over 100 hundred million quid in fees fraudulently charged for work is hadn’t done over the last eight years. But nobody is going to jail: au contraire, they’re all jolly good pals again.

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said that G4S had “engaged constructively with the government” and that “the government has now accepted that its corporate renewal plan represents the right direction of travel to meet our expectations as a customer”. Only if your expectations are down in the sewer with the other turds, Francis baby.

I repeat my allegation of last night, first put out there eight months ago: surely at least one high and mighty trougher is getting kickbacks from the bastards. No other explanation fits the bill. Cue national apathy.

Finally, An indefatigable Irish Slogger has sent me some stunning stats on global wealth and how the world’s gdp splits up. Among the more gobsmacking facts is one showing that over a quarter of total planetary gdp is income earned on dividends, interest, and rent by individuals, along with income on credit issued made by banks. This is rivalled by the reality that gold reserves are just 1/210th the total of all global asset ‘wealth’. If ever there was total vindication of the Buddhist assertion that nothing is real, then this is it.