Me and Software sales gangsterism: a brief update.


I was going to write a piece about David Cameron this morning, but I’d got halfway through preparing another piece requiring a photo download from my camera-phone when the laptop got uppity. As the mobile predates the new pc, it didn’t recognise the hardware – and so ordered me to find the software. This I did….

Despite turning down every invitation during the download to also have everything from’s search engine made default and The Complete history of Bestiality in Liberia available on the toolbar, the software (advertising itself as from the Samsung website, but it wasn’t) covertly downloaded, so when I restarted after the operation had completed, I had Ask as my chosen search engine – except that I hadn’t chosen it, Ask had, via VUU, chosen me.

It’s always, and of course Ask is part of the Moonies, aka AOL: which is why – apart from the fact that it is a completely shit search engine – I wouldn’t have it at any price. And as I felt screwed and misled by VUU, I started by deleting the program. Or rather, trying to. The following events then took place over three and and half hours:

1. Every time I tried to delete the program, I was told part of it was open in another file, so close the other file first. It just never specified the file, and despite rebooting three times, the same lie came up.

2. I put that bit on the back burner, and went through the time-tested ritual of taking the Google logo on my home page and dropping it into the Home logo…thus making it default by default, as it were. But the operation was blocked. And because Ask was hidden inside the VUU package, I couldn’t delete that either.

3. So I then went to system restore, and just as I started it a panel appeared on the screen reminding me that I had signed a binding agreement about accepting the Samsung download (which wasn’t a Samsung download) so just watch your step, chummy.

4. I set system restore to yesterday’s date….and the operation failed.

5. I set system restore to the only other recent date available – four days ago – and this time no panel appeared. The Restore completed, and after Restart all the nasties were absent. There was just one problem: Windows now started trying to reconfigure its bits to match up to all the reconfigurations it had done since that date, because there is no way Windows is going to risk not being included at the Update Jamboree.

6. I went round in circles for over an hour until Big Windows allowed some light in, and I was back to where I’d been four days ago….except I wasn’t, I was back to where I was when the laptop was delivered ten days ago. All my bookmarks, apps, signins and password affirmations had been lost in the Restore.

Before going into the wider meaning of all this crap, I would just like to make what is now becoming a familiar bit of throat-clearing at The Slog. If anyone – no exceptions and no Court of Appeal – comment-threads on this post with the words “Get a Mac”,  “user error”, “what do you expect?”, “stop feeling sorry for yourself and switch to” and/or “serves you right for” they will be banned in perpetuity and the comment trashed. Because anyone writing such self-important, clever-arsed claptrap is never going to learn anything from this site. My point here is a very simple one: I don’t GAFF about the ways round this kind of commercial Grant Shapps behaviour, I want to stop it.

Is anyone looking into the behaviour of AOL, and its obvious collusion with VUU? Do Samsung know about these Chicago South Side Mob methods, and if so what are they doing about it?

My hunch would be that the answer to those questions is, respectively, no, yes, and nothing. And if that is the case, are any of the folks we elect, the police who uphold the law, and the Legislature-Judiciary double-talk Act worried, concerned, appalled or determined to stop said behaviour?

To which the answer is (no hunch required this time) “Don’t be silly – of course not”.

So there was no article about Dave this morning, but not to worry: he is a prime member of those creating the Dictatorship of the Corporatocracy. The sooner more people from all parts of the political spectrum wake up to the obvious fact that what we have here is a cultural and constitutional problem, the sooner we can unite to stop it. Any other action will result in the victory of that Corporatocracy.

Remember: the Rabid Right group within the Conservative Party isn’t called No Turning Back for nothing.

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