THE PAEDOFILE: Elm House revelations….spot the dead ones

sundpeopleelmhTom Watson was tweeting last night to the effect of ‘a significant new revelation ‘ in the Elm House Elite Paedophiles saga. The above is it.

Well, we’ve been waiting three weeks for this ‘imminent’ development, and this is it. It was leaked by the Met on….um, Easter Sunday. Good day for bad news etc etc.

Except we still don’t know who it’s bad news for….if anyone. More excrement piled onto the graves of Smith and Blunt (nice and safe, no witnesses, never liked ’em anyway etc etc) which makes a change from Jimmy Savile.

I’m no longer sure this saga is worthy of the title ‘cover-up’. It’s more like a strip-tease where she never takes off her knickers. The Dance of the Seven Veiled VIPs, perhaps.

It being Easter and all, do you think we should’ve lined up Boris Jesuson to enter his City State on an humble donkey, then to be interrogated by Mark Williams-Thomas, and crucified? Only if we had, later the New Bible could say “And so it was that he died for Them, so that revelation should not reap havoc among the Pharisees”. The only proviso would be, of course, none of that rising again nonsense.

Ridiculous, corrupt, crumbs at the table, self-protecting and disgusting. Add the adjective of your choice as appropriate. The iniquity of Britain today – and the utter disrespect the Establishment has for our intelligence – is as plain as the pikestaff that thinking folks would like to plunge into the vipers’ nest.

I hope Tom, who is a good man, is suitably disappointed.

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