Why the Euro-elections will solve nothing.

There is a sort of rigid cowardice on the liberal-Left that disables their thinking mechanisms, but does provide a dishonest rationale for doing nothing.
And there is a bullet-headed greed on the Right that requires them to sell a dishonest rationale for doing something…which something which is, almost always, ethically wrong.
As ever with Western “democracy” these days, that’s the choice we electors have: between those who would rather do nothing and thus make things worse – and those recklessly keen do something…and make things worse than ever.
But it really makes not a jot of difference who’s in power: the commonality above is that some poor devil will have to take extreme action further down the road, as a result of the dishonest excuses being invoked today.
The trouble is, the number of ciizens actually capable of grasping that inevitability is tiny. Among the self-appointed elite, of course, it’s almost zero; but the lack of real Resistance to stupidity in Britain has diluted many times over in recent decades.
The last time it happened with any focus was over Margaret Thatcher’s poll tax. That one piece of concerted resistance pulled the Iron Lady from her plinth. Today we have a bedroom tax, our national insurance being craftily renamed, the NHS being cynically starved, GPs talking openly of charging for visits, interest due to citizens being chopped off and given to the same bankers who made it necessary in the first place, an entire news organisation above the law (along with a political class covering up for its mates while taking bribes off its supporters) and a police force so openly politicised commenting on it further seems pointless.
The Establishment loves to come down hard on extra-parliamentary resistance involving illegality and violence, but that’s nothing more than the usual hypocritical rationale for every Judge Jeffreys to hand out idiotic sentences. Progress of a genuinely functional nature in Britain has always been pushed – sometimes started in the first place – by reminding those “in charge” they can only push so far. In 1832, only the final riots got the Reform Bill through the Lords. During the Edwardian era, only activist suffragettes made their vote an eventual certainty. And while the marches didn’t keep us out of Iraq, MPs made nervous by their voluble constituents kept us out of Syria, and thus made the US attempt at a bogus “alliance” untenable.
But the fact is there’s no reason at all for violence to be involved. I rarely agree with the 38 Degrees agenda, but on three separate occasions now they have shown how pressure can dilute some of the madder ideas emanating from the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Health.
In turn, that part of the legal profession still concerned and sane has twice made it brutally clear they won’t cooperate with openly ‘political’ attempts to make Cameron’s level playing field slope in various directions.
However, thus far the Resistance has been reactive, and is doomed to failure in its current form because there are now so many civil servants and Ministers with so many old and new ways of slipping corporatocratic legal instruments under the radar.
The internet is and always has been the obvious (and most effective) way not just to keep plugging holes in the dam, but more importantly to strengthen it against futher attack.  But the decency-liberal-Left front remains splintered, argumentative, media-fixated…and devoid of the sort of originality and balls to inspire those in need. As always, those who wish to see government for all the People make a welcome return would rather moan, march, yell slogans and swear than actually do something radical.
This applies whether we’re talking about Ed Balls’s abysmal failure to show anti-Government voters how and why Osborne’s ‘recovering economy’ is palpable nonsense, Labour’s failure as a whole to make a reasoned stand against neo-liberalism, Liberal Democrat rebel silence in the face of clearly illiberal government, or the moronic hairy Left’s inability to produce anything constructive beyond “F**k off beaker” every time another of Miliband’s content-free tweets appears.
The reality Britons face, as a major protest opportunity approaches on May 22nd, is that there is nothing in the way of creative change on offer. The Tories think the answer is to accelerate over the cliff, Labour wants to pretend the cliff isn’t there, and UKip is merely the sort of barmpot Party that always emerges when the mainstream legislators long ago gave up listening to real people.
I know my rejection of UKip offends some Sloggers, but then this isn’t a popularity contest. I don’t say they’re any worse than the others, I just affirm that every shred of evidence suggests beyond any doubt (to me anyway) that they’re no better. Their prospective candidates are just as eccentric or plain daft as the wonks that inhabit the Reds and Blues.
When it comes to this particular vote, however, I have little doubt that UKip will create something of a political earthquake the week after next. By the week after, things will be back to normal, for the obvious reason that UKip euro-mps don’t vote in the Assembly out of principle. And at that point, Mr Farage will have a very difficult choice: whether to align himsel with the real Nazis in Europe, or not.
But anyone thinking that Miliband, Cameron or Clegg are going to lose their jobs is off with the fairies. As I’ve written before, the problem we have is a cultural and constitutional one. By and large in history, those things are settled on battlefields, with pub bombs, or while chained to railings.