PREDICTABLE EURO-ELECTION RESULTS. Elites rush to miss the point. Slog moves to clarify it:

junckermerkOne suspects that this is what the anti-EU vote was really about

The harder-Left’s response to anti-EU voting across the continent thus far can be summed up by one tweeter who wrote “far-Right racist hatred is surging”. Sod the calm analysis, let’s get the syntaxical-shout in there, and then move on to the next Utopian dream. However, as this results tabulation/part projection below suggests, I could just as easily tweet “Leftwing class hatred is surging”. What’s more, I’d be far more accurate in doing so:

ScreenHunter_82 May. 26 06.24But neither knee-jerk view in any way captures the voter sentiments being expressed in this election – by far the biggest of which was loveless indifference to the EU.

A huge proportion of the dissatisfaction out there is with the dictatorial insanity of Brussels-am-Berlin in general, and its Schäuble-driven austerity policy in particular. In France, of all the people I spoke to voting for LePen, the great majority mourned the loss of French values to creeping ‘Anglo-Saxonisme’ – by which most of them mean neoliberalism. (I must also record that some of it is truculence about Germany calling the shots, and even disust at the woeful performance of Hollandiste Socialism). Golden Dawn draws its support in Greece from some respectable people simply because it is openly anti-Brussels, and is the only Party bringing practical support to devastated neighbourhoods.

If such people are disturbed by the free migration policy of the EU, well so am I…in the way it’s being practised at the moment. The Greek economy is halfway-lowered into the grave, but one of the primary government expenses right now is stopping hordes of jobless Arabs and east Europeans flooding into the country. And while UKip’s Romanian scare-campaign is utter nonsense, we are overcrowded on this Sceptred Isle, and the answer isn’t to keep on building houses. A lot of the French distrust Islam: are they alone in this?

Writing all that off as “far Right race hatred” is potty.

What the Left will never get its head round is that citizens of a certain age and independence are fed up to the back teeth of idées fixes Establishments pursuing dystopian policies without the slightest regard for what ordinary people are concerned about: seven years ago, Barroso dismissed Lisbon Treaty rejection as “a mistake” (spoken like a former Communist), and two days ago David Aarrogantvich showed the Stateist Left has learned nothing by tweeting that ‘we must accept the UKip voters, even when they’re wrong’.

On the Right, meanwhile, those running the Conservative Party in the UK (and those running economic policy at the EC) slavishly accept that the banks “must be saved” and mustn’t be knocked, that money is all that matters, that growing wealth inequality is a myth, that Friedman deserves to be sanctified, and – most surreal of all – that removing everyone’s ability to consume is the obvious way to kick-start a consumer-driven economic model.

arrogageAs for what I’ve got against Nigel Farage and his surging millpond, the picture to left sums it all up, really. I’ve seen seven different versions from three angles of this particular photo-opp, and he looks an arrogant twat in all of them. More rationally, he isn’t BNP-lite (as Cameron once so foolishly suggested) but Friedman-heavy. He’s a City trader who would love to see Britain leave the EU – as would I – but love it even more if the Tories lurched further to the neoliberal Right – which I would see as simply more evidence of the Establishment’s sensory equipment being severely challenged.

As if to make my point perfectly, up tweeted Ed Balls with “So good to see the BNP gone”. Well Ed, it’s bad news for Peter Hain, because he must now choose another non-threat from ‘fascism’ to bash. But to the mainstream of British electoral thought (where it still exists) the BNP is and always has been irrelevant.

James Kirkup (a journalist I no longer trust after his recent antics at the Barclaygraph) noted on Twitter last night that “four million people voted UKip”. The enfranchised population of Great Britain is 46.4m, and Thursday’s turnout is thought to have been around 35%. So that would make a total voting universe of 16.24m… the UKippers around 25% of the vote – slightly less than predicted, and still not a surge.

But by any measure, that is an amazing result, and of course means that the clear winner of this election in the UK was the, um, UK Independence Party. And, er, the biggest single voting group of Brits in opinion polls by far is that of those who, doh, want the UK to leave the EU and be independent again. Let’s see if the Milibands, Cleggs, and Camerons will now firm up on a date to leave. Aaaaaahaaaaahahahahahahahaha.

In some people’s eyes, our Nige will soon be faced with discomfiture, as he decides just how closely to ally with Italy’s 5Star, France’s Front Nationale and any of the other slagged-off anti-EU Parties in the new Europarliament. For just as in the UK – where he controls no councils at all – Farrogant’s EFD has just 35 seats in Strasbourg…out of a total of 472 MEPs.

I think such people misread entirely what Farrago is about. He has no desire at all to engage in Europolitics. He just wants Britain out of the EU, and Cameron out of Number Ten. And this is why, I’m afraid, he is to reform of our political system what fracking is to our energy problems: a False God.

Meanwhile, I think we should move on from all this now, and resume focus on the coming wave that will wash so much of it away.