As William Hague flies into Baghdad just in time to be surrounded by the Jihadist militias, somewhere in a posh hotel suite doubtless being paid for by someone else, Tony Blair is coming face to face with the immutable rule: all political careers are ultimately judged to be failures.

Forced to get up in the middle of the night and rush around buck naked closing ten windows against a torrential storm in today’s early hours, I yawned copiously and then turned on the notebook to watch the collapse of post-Hussein Iraq on Twitter. I went back to sleep feeling sad for the Iraqi people, but slept well in the knowledge that Blair’s unearned reputation is turning to dust. There is a global movement now to fire him as a ‘peace’ envoy (he is about as peaceful as a Palestine-bound flotilla) and his ‘solution’ to the Irish problem remains a fragile one.

Offered the chance to restore the worst demolitions of Thatcher, Blair chose to ignore these and make friends with the banks. When faced with the opportunity to at last reduce the insane British contributions to the EU, he increased them by caving in to the tune of £8bn. He as good as gave Rupert Murdoch a seat in the Cabinet, and supported the braindead chimp Dubya in his illegal war on Iraq.

He leapt upon Connecting for Health as a great saviour, and than stood idly by as Labour’s egomania ripped through £23bn…to absolutely zero effect. He drove the Private Finance NHS Initiative, but then watched as the private sector cheated Whitehall, and Whitehall so failed to control the budget, Gordon ‘OGEC’ Brown was forced to move the £237bn bill ‘off balance sheet’.

Finally, as the banking edifice he had championed imploded, having resigned a year earlier Moral Tone was now free to set up a deal whereby his new employer JP Morgan could snap up the juicy bits of Northern Rock….thus leaving us to pick up the tab for the rest of it being effectively nationalised.

War envoy, bankers’ employee and Washington poodle, Antony Lynton Blair has finally been shown up for what he always was: a man of charming style who is nevertheless homoaeopathic in his level of substance. A fundamentally lazy and spineless man, he talked a great deal, but never actually mastered the walk thing…preferring instead to crawl to those arms dealers, media gargoyles, former terrorists and Washington nabobs whose business always was and always will be business.

In doing so, Blair’s greatest crime was thus to pave the way for the radical corporatocrats we now see before us pretending to be elected politicians. And the biggest part of this, of course, was first of all to embrace American globalist military policing…and then join a firm archetypally involved in backing it for nearly a century.

This US policing role now stands in the dock more comprehensively accused of pernicious bungling than ever before. If Rebekah Brooks was smart enough to delete, stifle and then disallow the evidence against her, no such option remains open to the United States of America.

From Korea via Vietnam and onto Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has evoked not so much shock and awe as deadlock galore…followed by ignominious withdrawal. Having championed the obviously deranged Gadaffi in the most cynical manner, the US then backed his jihadists opponents, and made the fatal error of siding with the Muslim Brotherhood as a somewhat telegraphed means of isolating Iran. This led directly to the chaos in Egypt, and the almost entirely false-flag engineering that became Syria.

Vladimir Putin is a dangerous megalomaniac opportunist, but a smart one; nobody should be surprised that he is thoroughly suspicious of American motives. Nobody should query the still-extant suspicion of American influence among the Greek people after the stunts they pulled in the late 1940s. And ultimately, Washington’s unstinting support for (and control by) the corporate/military interest has made it frighteningly easy for murderous Islamists to persuade their dupes that the USA is The Great Satan.

If, after all, you bully, invade, lie and exploit like Satan, chances are you’re Satan.

In truth, millions of Americans – probably almost half in total – have had their doubts for decades about whether the US global role is one of policing, or smash-and-grab robbery. Not so the British Establishment, which remains as firmly inserted up the Pentagon-to-Wall-Street back alley as ever.

Tony Blair endorsed that use of his own member with obscene enthusiasm. Now he is paying the price. There is, it seems, justice in the world after all. But in Number Ten Downing Street sits one of his greatest admirers, a man whose bid for facile glory in Syria was denied by The People….and who reacted to losing the Commons vote on that issue by blaming his whips.

I posted earlier this week on the subject of David Cameron’s woeful idiocy, and atrocious people judgements. The quality of our ‘leaders’ is not, let’s face it, getting any better. It will in fact continue to decline until the Political Class stops working for bureaucrats, professionals and business –  and returns once again to working for Us.

They will not do this willingly. I remain very fearful that there is trouble ahead.