THE PAEDOFILE: Wanless to head Child Abuse rview


On the subject of Establishment child abuse, two days ago I wrote ‘There will now (I’d imagine) be further calls for an enquiry….but destroyed evidence makes one wonder whether there really is any point in spending yet more public money when there appears to be a videotape and witnesses putting Leon Brittan at the scene of the crime.’

It now emerges that Peter Wanless, chief executive of The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), will lead the review, Home Secretary Theresa May told the House of Commons this afternoon. Not that I want to be had up for libel here, but words like Fox, chickens, alcoholic and brewery spring to mind.

Mr Wanless is in favour of privatising Chidrens’ Care Services, an idea so daft as to make one wonder whether he might next advocate selling the NHS to the ecoli virus. But equally, Wanless sits atop the NSPCC, an organisation quite rightly referred to last March as ‘Judge and Jury’ by Anna Raccoon. One way and another, the NSPCC has some very odd adendas…..but two words one cannot use to describe them, in the context of child abuse, are straightforward and unbiased.

The appeal of Wanless to Camerlot, however, is that he is yet another privatising neolib fanatic whom they regard as “sound”.

Meanwhile, David ‘I love my family’ Mellor has leapt to the defence of Brittan – and well he might, given that he was reporting to the man when all this unfortunate mislaying of 114 documents occurred. Equally neo-fanatical is Mr David Ross, much fancied as the next head of Osfsted, the schools regulator. Michael Gove is certainly dead keen on Ross, and one can sort of see why: he is a donor of massive sums to the Conservative Party, and himself runs 25 independent State schools.

No, I didn’t make that up. Much as I deplore the dumb-targeted education of Blairism, and the comprehensively stupid Wilsonites of yore, I think we can all safely lay bets at Paddy Power that David Ross isn’t going to big up the idea of State-funded Grammar schools.

Let’s be clear about this (as Cameldung is fond of saying) if Cameron is the gamekeeper here, then it’s a bit whiffy to be appointing one of your sweetest sugar-daddies as an indepedendent regulator.

But that’s the way it is now: four years in from the botched election of a mealy-mouthed Tory Government in coalition with a chinless dropsy sufferer, Cronyism rules OK. And across the Chamber from Dodgy Dave stands Ed Maybeband, your friend in tough times. Or something.

However, I am beginning to take heart. New Slogposts on the subject of fat lardarses buggering kids, disingenuous statements, pisshead europresidents, failing banks, fiddled euronumbers and Microsoft mendacity have pushed Slog hits back up towards 20,000 a day. I sense that previous naysayers are finally catching on to the profundity of our leaders’ vacuous superficiality. Indeed, it’s not that deep down they’re superficial: deep down they are incomparably nasty…but superficially, what your see is what you get: something shallow.