HUNGARY EXCLUSIVE BREAKING……Is the EC/US axis about to try and destabilise the dissenting Government of Viktor Orban?


The Slog first posted about Viktor Orban’s outspoken Hungarian government in January 2012. Since then, Mr Orban has won a further General Election here by a very clear majority.This is called democracy.

Hungary is an EU member that wisely decided to stay out of the eurozone.

Hungarian politics are complex, but the Sun headline is this: Orban and his right wing Party are actually nationalists opposed to three things – US neoliberalist colonisation, the euro, and Brussels throwing it’s weight about. Although the Opposition in Budapest positions itself as ‘socialist’, it actually consists largely of former Soviet apparatchiks who became reborn as neoliberal fanatics soon after the USSR collapsed. But they still like the idea of rule by faceless bureaucrats: and so naturally, the EU suits them perfectly. (Think Angela Merkel)

Now think of Hungary this way: Orban is rather like the Tory/UKip opposition to creeping dictatorial superstate, trying to keep the Dromey/Miliband/Balls axis of opportunism at bay. The only difference is that Orban has won two sweeping majorities in a row, and he isn’t up US globalism’s arse.

Since 2010, Orban has committed three sins in the eyes of the Junckeresque US Fed/euro Believers. First, he told the IMF he didn’t need its loan. Second, he told the EC FinMins to mind their own business on the subject of his chosen economic strategy. And third, he’s made it clear that, for the foreseeable future, the euro is No 674 on his priority list.

In this context, the dispassionate observer discerns two trends:

1. Regular attempts by the EU and its lackeys in the MSM to smear the Orban government as ineluctably fascist and racist.

2. False flag operations by the US to invent, bend and spin media stories depicting the ruling Party in Hungary as something we’d all be better off without.

Like many Hungarians, I would argue with some elements in that ruling Party; but in the last 24 hours, The Slog has learned of the following alleged developments:

* The US media entrepreneur Richard Field has form when it comes to inventing anti-Orban stories about the  persecution of minorities. It seems he retains media ambitions in Hungary, and bases these on his avowed ambition to “bring more democracy to Hungary”. Hard to see how one could make it more democratic than it is, given the the Government has the confidence of a clear majority of voters. So far, Field’s persecution stories have turned out, on investigation, to be complete tosh. Field is an unalloyed, card-carrying neoliberal.

* Crack mercenary trouble-maker hit-squads of the sort spotted and recorded on several occasions in Ukraine will make their appearance in Hungary before too long. It is alleged by sources that this will be done with the full knowledge of Magyar Szocialista Párt (MSZP) the ‘social-democratic’ former Soviet bureaucrats, now the main Opposition Party.

* Richard Field’s new acquisitions will be funded by George Soros’s Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), and the first will be up and running this coming Autumn.

George Soros is a Hungarian Jew who lived through the Nazi holocaust. All his relatives died in ghettos and death camps, but somehow George didn’t. On December 20th 1998, he openly admitted on the popular TV docushow 60 Minutes that he had been a Nazi collaborator. It is also now generally accepted that he traded currencies on the black market during the Nazi occupation of Hungary, and became something of a fixer for the occupying power.

He is also of course known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, giving him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis.

So to sum up here, George Soros is a man who preferred full pockets to the saving his family members from the Death Camps….and made that 1992 profit at the expense at one of the key cradles of Western democracy.

He is now underwriting the mendacious media projects of Richard Field, on the spurious grounds of “adding more democracy” to Hungarian life.

I leave it up to Sloggers to decide who the Good Guys are in this mess. The short answer today is that there are very few good guys: but those with blacker hats give themselves away by trying to dye the white hats a darker shade of grey.

Footnote: In April  2010, Hungarian government officials condemned what they called the “carefully choreographed” evacuation of Romas by Richard Field, who persuaded the Hungarian Red Cross that the Romas faced a real danger of pogrom at the hands of Hungarian ‘Nazis’. Not only did this threat turn out to be illusory, it later transpired that Field had told the Romas concerned he was “organising a holiday” for them.

Nothing is as it seems any more. The Soros-bankrolled demons demonise in Hungary in precisely the same way that Murdoch-bankrolled demons demonise the BBC’s sexual ethics in the UK.

The goal of all these gargoyles is the victory of psycho-corporatic government throughout the world. Those they wish too crush may not be perfect, but then very few human beings are.

Beware of false flags waved in the cause of the fantasy economic goals of power-crazed functionaries.