At the End of the Day

The internet is chocabloc at the moment with financial stories projecting forward what bank fines might add up to by 2020. One estimate I saw suggested that the figure might be a quarter of a trillion quid by then. That’s almost as much as Lloyd Bankfine spends on lunch.

I wonder if either of these two things ever occur to the folks who write this tripe:

1. Fines of £250bn can be paid for out of corporacratic pocket money by simply using freshly-printed money.

2. The entire fines calculation (and employment of useless naifs to arrive at it) could be obviated by sentencing the little shits to 30 years of regular sexual abuse at the hands of especially large and truculent Turkish jailers unschooled in the use of KY jelly.

But while we’re on the subject of things occurring to folks, how many net surfers actually compare opinions about  what’s happening to the global economy?  I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know this:

* The South China Morning Post told us today that the global economy starts the second half of the year on a solid footing.

* By contrast, the website ClickOrlando says the global economy is still limping along.

* And if only to confuse things yet further, the IMF has cut all global growth forecasts in predicting a stagnation risk    among the rich nations.

So to sum up, the main learnings outcome bottom-line wise going forward in this space is that, while the world economy’s feet are solid, they may well be clay….and thus cause the owner to adopt a stagnant limp.

Analysts are busy investigating whether this might suggest that the global economy has smelly feet constructed from the raw material of pottery.

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