THE ARCTIC SUMMER: What’s really behind it?


Piecing together the forensics of HAARP and the monitoring of Arctic temperatures, The Slog examines the case for and against fears of weather manipulation.

Opinions and estimates differ on the degree to which Arctic temperatures are rising, but the empirical data available do seem to concur on one rather bizarre point: they’re rising there more significantly than anywhere else in the world.

Thus, while it seems temperatures globally have risen 0.8% since 1750, the Arctic’s known warming rate is far faster than regions further south. The mean Arctic temperature is 1.5°C higher today than it was between 1971 and 2000, while Arctic sea ice volume has decreased by 75% since the 1980s.

These are quite mind-concentrating numbers: a rise of under 1% in 250 odd years is miles out of whack with a jump of 1.5% in under 50 years. Why is this happening?

It seems that when snow and ice melt, as white heat-reflectors they reveal the darker rock underneath….which doesn’t reflect, it absorbs heat – thus producing an exponential acceleration of the warming process. (Geothermal domestic heating systems are based on the same idea).

All this makes eminent sense, until one gets to the projections of warmist science….and these say that, by 2050, a huge proportion of the Arctic ice will have melted.

Underneath that ice is a gigantic energy treasure-trove. While only 6% of the earth’s surface, the Arctic circle has 22% of all remaining untapped oil and gas reserves. And those whose brains cannot get beyond fossil fuels, you can be sure, can’t wait until until 2050 to get at it. So some suspicions are being aroused here and there.

Designed and built by those squeaky-clean Arab slush-fund chaps at BAE Advanced Technologies, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) was an ionospheric research programme jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and DARPA to do with the study of, amongst other things, arctic temperatures. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military.

DARPA’s job is to discover and develop weapons that can give the US an edge in geopolitics. Those in charge of HAARP insist that “proponents of [conspiracy] theories about it are uninformed, and the theories [they] put forward  about it fall well outside the abilities of the facility….and often outside the scope of natural science”. Which is all fine and dandy, except that one glance at the sponsors of HAARP is enough to alert even the most supine believer in Washington media press-packs to the likelihood of dirty work.

I’m the first to accept that the lunatic fringe of HAARP accusers are off with the fairies. But equally, when the Department of Defense gets involved in something like this, you just know it’s not because its employees are avid readers of National Geographic.

Equally, as one trawls the Net, the degree of anti-conspiracy venom applied to this subject by the we-know-best-settled-science community tends to make the journalistic nose twitch somewhat. But as always, the water is muddied by those who insist that the grandchildren of Roswell aliens must be somehow involved.

And so one must look dispassionately at agenda, motive, and capability.

The agenda is obvious: the US/EU/Russian/Chinese obsession with access to fossil fuel.

The motive is equally clear: to melt the Arctic ice in order to have access to such energy resources. Yes of course, the motive is insane and therefore bordering on unbelievable. But remember: these are the guys cheering for fracking.

And as for capability….well, that’s what HAARP is all about. HAARP studied Arctic temperature change, and DARPA develops weapons that others don’t have. This is not an opinion: read the mission statements.

We must begin by asking some fundamental questions here. One of paramount importance is, why was  HAARP developed? And to answer that, we need to go back to the Ronald Reagan years, and his Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) which the tabloids dubbed ‘Star Wars’.

Much fun was had at Reagan’s expense, but the reality is that HAARP was and is a very effective ICBM defence shield. It would’ve vapourised any USSR missile travelling through it.

In short, the core value of HAARP is the generation of enormous heat.

Visit even the most apologist site for HAARP and you will read this:

‘….the powerful “pre-heat” megawatt pulse aimed upward at the ionosphere….. the radio waves travel up through the atmosphere until they reach the ionosphere about 200 kilometers above the earth, which is far above the atmosphere. At that point the waves interact with the ions, which may be electrons, protons or ionized parts of atoms like oxygen, ozone or nitrogen….this sudden increase in the motion of both the atoms and ions in the upper atmosphere is called “ionospheric heating“…’

The days of SDI are long gone, but the HAARP budget continued to grow for years afterwards – despite the near irrelevance of the Russian ICBM threat. It is now under the control of the US Air Force, but USAF and the Defense Department have “no further need” for HAARP. At the minute, they’re trying to float it off to acedemia.

HAARP is based on physicist Bernard J. Eastlund’s U.S. Patent from 1987. Eastlund explained in his patent application that by influencing the ionosphere, weather modifications are possible. So it does seem slightly odd that those now using it are out to deny the possibilities envisaged by its creator…who had nothing to gain by stating them.

As long ago as January 1999, even the dingbats of Brussels called the project “a global concern”, and demanded to know the project’s real purpose. The EU’s final paper “considers HAARP by virtue of its far-reaching impact on the environment to be a global concern and calls for its legal, ecological and ethical implications to be examined by an international independent body before any further research and testing.”

But the US refused to have any scientist give evidence to an EC commission of enquiry. Why refuse if HAARP is simply a benign weather forecasting programme?

The prose above borders on the pedantic because I want to make absolutely clear that the Washington line on HAARP is totally inconsistent: we are being asked to believe that a weapon designed to vapourise nukes via intense heat (and whose inventor believed could also manipulate the weather) was in fact always designed as a weather-forecasting aid. It doesn’t add up.

There are, I think, four possible extrapolations from the bollocks:

1. HAARP didn’t work, so now Defense is palming it off onto the University research sector. That’s possible, but it isn’t what the Soviets thought. According to later revelations by ex-KGB officer Oleg Gordievsky, KGB rezidenturas (field stations) in the United States, Western Europe, Japan, and selected Third World countries received a first set of new espionage technology (codenamed RYAN) in November 1981.

On 17 February 1983, KGB Centre notified all rezidenturas on alert that RYAN had “acquired an especial degree of urgency” and was “now of particularly grave importance.” Today, it is generally accepted in the intelligence community that RYAN had discovered HAARP and the SDI Star Wars’ existence. On 23 March 1983, Ronald Reagan announced the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Soon afterwards, Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov, First Deputy Defense Minister and Chief of the USSR’s General Staff, admitted fears about SDI, saying he knew that “We cannot equal the quality of U.S. arms for a generation or two.”

All this is discussed in full and confirmed by the CIA’s library.

2. It did work, and this explains the dramatic acceleration in Arctic temperature rises. This can’t be proved either way, but there are some interesting pointers. First, HAARP-style projects began under Carter, but were greatly enhanced by Eastlund’s U.S. Patent of 1987. Temperature rises in the region take off on cue, and then accelerate on cue:

arctictemp1Second, although the USSR discovered the subarctic energy resources in 1960, energy was not a major priority. After the oil crisis in the early 1970s, it became a US obsession – and still is. It is perfectly possible that HAARP was developed not for SDI at all, but for long-term energy access. Hence DARPA and the DoD not coming into the picture until later. As a probable by-product of the technology, Star Wars then became a possibility.

3. It did work, and this is why Defense have asked for a further year before handing over the data to academia. They want to be certain that no security issues are raised by anything in those data.

4. It didn’t work, but the US security services played a clever game with the Russian leader Andropov and his KGB, convincing RYAN data-gatherers that SDI would in fact work. The rise in temperatures is thus purely natural due to lowered heat reflection and other associated factors.

This too fits well with the active use of psychological disinformation by the US against the Soviets at exactly this time. So successful was it in fact, Yuri Andropov couldn’t sleep, and went completely over the top in his riposte to the Reagan broadcast of 1983.

One simply can’t be definitive about the issue without more evidence. But other recent moves are disturbing. The biggest claim by size of country is that of Denmark, through its ownership of East Greenland. I posted earlier this year in relation to obviously planned and omnivorous investment by Wall Street in Denmark. There are serious citizen complaints among the Danes against this corporacratic ownership of of large swathes of their infrastructure. Some of them see Denmark as a target for the next neoliberal model of colonisation. Blackstone Equities is particularly active in the field, as are JP Morgan and Owl Investments; as early as 2005, in fact, a US equity consortium bought the Danish phone company.

We shall see. It’s not case proven as yet, but it is one to watch.

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