ALL GREEK TO ME: Tsipras ahead in new poll as Samaras economic rationalisation becomes more Dali than Draghi

samdohfinalA roasting not roosting for Samaras the chicken

Greek Prime Minister Antonikis Scamaras yesterday leveraged his olive-stone brain to change tack on the economic recovery process for his country. Last November, he declared Greece to be in recovery and past the stage of needing help with its debt. Since then, Greece has taken (very quietly under the Schäuble/Draghi table) brown envelopes to the tune of €26bn to avoid two defaults scheduled for May and September this year. In the face of this contrarian outcome, Mr Scamyerass has decided that Hellas is now entering recovery, not actually in it as such: the foot is in the door as it were, but the door is rather heavier than anticipated. So in order to actually prise the door open, unemployment must be defeated…for it is “a treacherous and tough opponent of society, undermining the dreams of the youth”. As well as being, of course, Brussels-am-Berlin policy.

In the streets of Kalamata last night, joyous crowds of well-wishers surged forward to heap praise upon their local hero. But in slightly less enthusiastic parts of the country, pollsters discovered that – come the forthcoming General Election – ungratefully starving Greeks not benefiting from a brand new tourist motorway to Kalamata commissioned by the Kalamata Samurai himself are likely to give the New Democracy leader a swift boot up the Samararse.

Prime Minister Samaras’s Nea Dimokratia is forecast to get less than 1 in 5 votes (17.7%) while the main opposition Party SYRIZA – led by Alexis Tsipras – is well out in front with 25.8%. The PASOK Party led by 3-lunches and four-offices Evanelpus Veryzealous (Samaras’s Deputy and Foreign Minister) will get just 1 in every 32 of the votes cast…and thus likely be cast out of the Chamber. Nor can Antonikis turn to the fascist Golden Dawn (on 8.7%) to bale him out, as since the PM’s blatant attempt to frame its leader Nikos Michaloliakos became obvious, it has dawned on the Golden Dawners that Antonikis is a snake.

By contrast, Greece’s Communist KKE could be expected to vote with a Tsipras-led Government most of the time: thus, it seems highly likely that, come the elections, Syriza will have a comfortable working majority of deputies.

Such a result would be as welcome to Jean-Claude Juncker as a power-breakfast of wasp vomit: which will, let’s face it, make a change from his normal breakfast fare of a large Bloody Mary washed down with a litre of Battin Extra lager. (For those unfamiliar with Battin, this Luxembourg-brewed beer’s unique selling point is that it dulls the pain of rising pavements like no other product).

The bottom line of this piece could be easily slipped into a pair of skinny-fit jeans: come the Elections, the Troika is stuffed.

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