SCOTSVOTE BREAKING….Big Westminster Three race to rescue, ‘Yes’ lead doubles to eight points

big3  Three blind mice,

three blind mice,

see how they run, see how they run,

the Troika of pillocks arrived but when

they got up to Glasgi ah teel ye Hen

a ten per cent swing sent thum hoom again

three blind mice

(and a silent English press)

Hear nowt, see nowt and say nowt have been campaigning for just 24 hours in Scotland, and the effect is already clear: a Poll offering only a 5% margin of error puts the Yes vote eight points ahead at 54% with the Nooos on 48%.

The sample cells achieved were slightly off, but the above score is adjusted for that: ‘unweighted’, the sample showed a 10% margin for secession. The nightmare is here.

Personally, I couldn’t care less, but as The Slog predicted on Monday, the growing likelihood of Scottish Independence is already playing badly in terms of Scottish company shares – and some wobbles around Sterling’s value.

Rather than report the swing to Yes, the UK MSM largely ignores it.

The Barclay Twins’ Daily Telegraph ignores it entirely, in favour of more nonsense about a Buck Palace intervention, and an entire page devoted to telling the Scots that Yes = Doooom.

The FT dropped the story overnight. The Dacre Mail is a poll-free zone. Nothing in the Express. Zilch in the Guardian. Fanny Adams in the Independent.

Yes folks, the lead story this morning in Britain’s press media is….Apple’s new phone.

So it looks like corporacratic censorship has arrived too. But not just yet at The Slog.

The details of the poll can be found here

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