BROOKS NEWMARKSTING’: the steaming turd of hypocrisy that is the Barclay Twins.

barclaysislandptnetThere’s a piece on the Maily Telegraph website posted just after lunchtime today that reveals the double-standards of the tax-avoiding Sarkist twins better than anything I’ve yet seen. ‘How a tabloid newspaper tried to snare Tory MPs’ the header sanctimoniously screams, following up the Holier than Thou bollocks with:

‘….flattery and flirting were used in an attempt to lure male MPs into communicating with [a] fictional woman. The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) editors’ code of practice, which governs how journalists should behave, says: “Everyone is entitled to respect for his or her private and family life, home, health and correspondence, including digital communications. Editors will be expected to justify intrusions into any individual’s private life without consent.”‘

Oh dear me, blaaaiiirroooouugggh. That’s slightly better, but not much. Let’s deconstruct this vomit-inducing sacrament with a little history, should we?

* The Telegraph attacked homosexual LibDem David Laws shortly after the 2010 Election, suggesting he’d claimed for expenses on a property rented to his long-term partner. Laws continues to maintain that his only concern had been to keep private details of his sexuality from his parents. A very rich man in his own right, Laws did not in any way benefit from the arrangement. But he resigned honourably as a result of it. ‘respect for his or her private and family life’ eh? What a joke these two obese weirdos in the English Channel are: their sole concern was to destabilise a Coalition they didn’t like…up to but not including using the British electoral system available to them, while paying zero taxes towards its support.

* Returning to ‘an attempt to lure male MPs into communicating with [a] fictional woman’, let’s see who remembers this one: ‘Daily Telegraph reporters posed as constituents of several Lib Dem MPs in December 2010, and used covert recording in an effort to establish whether their private thoughts were in line with their public statements as coalition ministers. No other political party was similarly targeted’. Followed by ‘The biggest victim was Vince Cable – who told two young female reporters that he had “declared war on Murdoch” – which resulted in the business secretary being stripped of his responsibilities for media and telecoms competition issues. After that, we got Dorian Hunt, and his corrupt dealings with Newscorp  – upon which subject the Sarkograph commented not….but did spike a story incriminating Murdoch….following which Telegraph hacks leaked the Spike to the BBC’s very lucky and largely untalented Robert Peston.

Afterwards, the Press Complaints Commission ruled that the stories the Telegraph published as a result did not justify the methods it employed. It said that the newspaper had launched the “disproportionately intrusive attention” without sufficient reasons, and it said it would issue fresh guidance over the acceptable use of subterfuge in the wake of the successful complaint about the so-called “fishing expedition”. “On this occasion, the commission was not convinced that the public interest was such as to justify proportionately this level of subterfuge,” the PCC said.

Well just fancy that: two-faced mendacious Machiavellian perversion of legal guidelines from odd little dweeby-twins living on a Channel Islands rocky outcrop, largely because there’s nobody else there to oppose their greedy Weltanschauung.

Just to make it clear to any newcomers attracted to this piece by dislike of money’s ability to buy influence: I am not of the Left or Right, because Left Right Left Right leads only to the marching of robotic believers. I have written equally mordant articles on the subject of Piers Morgan at Trinity Mirror, Alan Rusbridger at The Guardian, Paul Dacre at the Daily Mail, Adriana Hufflepifflekos at the Huffington Post, various liars at The New York Times, Rupert Murdoch throughout the world, and the profoundly ghastly inventor of topless darts and former Sun blob Kelvin McKenzie.

As the masthead here says, ‘Deconstruct Lies, Reconstruct Decency’. That’s the agenda in full.

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