DAVE LEE TRAVIS: time to tell the fanatics that enough is enough….and time we saw some progress in Richmond


DLT has been in alone the dock for too long: we should add Lord Brittan, David Cameron, Nick Clegg & Boris Johnson

Dave Lee Travis’s sentence has been referred to the Attorney General for review….on the basis of four (count them, four) complaints from the public.

That is one UK adult in 12.8 million complaining.

It’s time for this insane witch hunt to end. While I fully appreciate and support the need for anonymity during a trial, I absolutely fail to see why that should apply to vexatious complaints about a sentence. I should like to know – without their names being divulged – what the background, gender and beliefs of these four people are, and their special interest in the case. I should like to know how many people approved of the sentence. I should like to know how many people wrote to the cps to complain about the second trial, and how many supported it.

But when it comes to those who decided to heed the vindictive mania of one person in 12.8 million, then yes – why should they be allowed to hide? I should like to know who took the decision to have a second trial, and what the rationales were in terms of public expenditure and the nature of the “crime”. I should like to know on what grounds complaints from slightly more than 0.00000011% of the population were deemed significant, and who arrived at the decision to refer.

And of course, it doesn’t end there. I would submit (based on my postbag, website threads across the piece, Twitter audits and my own circle) that the majority objections of Britons both male and female in relation to this and other cases are based on the following:

1. Public money is being wasted on the absurd abuse theories of a tiny minority – at least partly based on the utter dishonesty that 2014 socio-sexual mores are the same as they were in 1965.

2. The cases are being brought as a form of pr by the police and the cps “to show they are doing something” about sexual abuse.

3. The BBC is being targeted because this suits the agenda of the Tories, Newscorp, and the Met Police….all three of whom are joined at the hip through the media of money, influence, and lots of pissy dinners.

But if what the feminmentalists want is some guilty men, then let me name some very highly suspicious men:

Lord Brittan, former Home Secretary, interviewed several times by police in recent years in relation to paedophilia allegations….still unable to provide anything beyond bromides about what happened to the Dickens Elm House dossier in the early 1980s, and prone to change his mind about whether he did or didn’t receive the dossier.

David Cameron & Nick Clegg, the latter of whom is a close personal friend of Brittan, and recommended Britain for consultancy employ,ent during late 2010 as a temporary Trade Minister. Cameron gave Brittan the job.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, a man whose capacious and much-thrusted arse has been weighing heavily upon the course of the Elm House/Richmond Council child trafficking Enquiry – which, I suppose, makes a change from Rebekah Brooks….but as an act involves perversion of justice, rather than merely establishing horizontal level-playing-field relations with the media.

Let’s stay with BoJo for a para or two, and look more closely at the ‘progress’ of these very serious Elm House allegations.

The Elm Guest House child abuse scandal arose from claims of sexual abuse and the grooming of children by prominent British men, including former government ministers, senior MPs, top police officers and people with links to the royal household, at parties held at the house in Rocks Lane, off Barnes Common in South West London during the late 1970s and 1980s.

Unlike the claims against DLT and Rolf Harris, the trafficking of children under the social care of Richmond Council is the subject not of money-motivated claimants, but police enquiries that have resulted in former Council employees being formally charged.

Operation Fairbank started in late 2012, and was led by the Metropolitan Police Service. The Met reports to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The investigation was a “scoping exercise” aimed at a “preliminary assessment of the evidence rather than a formal inquiry”.

But having scoped, officers on the enquiry decided that a full criminal investigation was needed: and Operation Fernbridge was launched in February 2013.

The last time he was asked, Mayor Johnson declared himself “entirely satisfied” with the progress of the investigation. Mayor Boris is perhaps an easy chap to satisfy: I don’t know – perhaps the right person to ask about that is Rebekah Brooks. All I can tell you is that there has been absolutely no progress whatsoever of a substantive nature on this investigation.

Eighteen months and not a dicky bird in the way of arrests.

During that period, Dave Lee Travis has been charged with 14 sexual offences, and cleared of 12 – with a divided jury on the other two. The two split decisions went to a second trial – with a third charge added for luck – and this time the tally was one acquittal, one split decision, and one guilty verdict.

I wonder, do we get the sense here that the agendas of a political Party and feminist lunacy are rather more to the fore than the concept of justice for a man who is 70 years old?

This decision to forward the verdict for review is an absolute disgrace, and a yet another unpleasantly indelible stain upon what used to be The Rule of Law in Britain. Everyone with a sense of decency should make their opposition to it clear to Camerlot….and demand to know more about the process involved.

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