LUXEMBOURG TAX EVASION: Jean-Claude Juncker disappears up his bottom line

jcfingers“I swear by these, my three fingers, to tell the truth, the whole truth….”

It has been fascinating tuning into Bruno Waterfield’s tweets this morning on the subject of Jean-Claude Juncker’s self-exculpation in relation to the Luxembourg tax leaks. Reading Juncker’s remarks, one is bound to observe that – for sheer self-serving, contradictory and amoral relativism, the EU President’s ‘explanations’ may never be surpassed.

Here we go…

bruno1Gist of what J-C is suggesting: It was all perfectly above board, which is why I kept it under the table; and unethical tax rules differ depending on standards. Um…as in, maybe, Cyprus for example?

Moving on….

bruno2Gist of what J-C is saying: two wrongs can make a right; I never wanted to arrange tax evasion, I’d imagine people deposited huge amounts in Luxembourg purely because of my dazzling personality; and the Luxembourg government must explain not me, for I’ve always opposed unfair tax competition….which is why, during 19 years at the helm in Luxembourg, I allowed it free rein.

And there’s more….

bruno3Gist of what J-C is saying: there was no conflict of interest here as I led the charge to rape Cyprus for doing precisely what I was doing; and I do regret any tax evasion that occurred…..up to but not including resigning, rectifying Luxembourg’s illegal income from the trade, or apologising to the millions of ordinary EU citizens upon whom I was taking a dump.

The Party he leads, by the way, is called the Christian Social People’s Party. Oh dear.

More later on others of a similar ilk.

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