mwtweet….but one is not entirely sure who he’s defending here.

He is shocked, I tell you – shocked. What’s more, he’ll be writing to the SYP Chief Constable.

And the coordination between the BBC and police. Appalling.

At Porter website last August 19th:

‘…obviously the media had enthusiastically latched on to the fact that Sir Cliff is famous and in danger of becoming infamous….Apparently the allegation against him came from a man in his 40s who had watched a TV documentary about Jimmy Saville and then contacted the producer of the program, the investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas. The allegation and other information was duly passed on by Williams-Thomas to Metropolitan Police Service detectives conducting the Operation Yewtree sexual abuse inquiry.’

Er, hang on a minute….

At the Daily Wail’s website on 15th August:

‘A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police, who are leading the investigation, said: ‘When a media outlet contacted South Yorkshire Police with information about an investigation, we took the decision to work with them in order to protect the integrity of that investigation…Stung by criticism from Sir Cliff and his fans, Jonathan Munro, the BBC’s head of news-gathering, took the unusual step of going on Twitter to confirm that the source of its original story was not South Yorkshire Police, but refused to say who it was….Yesterday, Mr Williams-Thomas confirmed that he had also passed new information to the police about Sir Cliff in addition to the allegations he heard from the alleged victim….’

Ah well, you know what they say. Smoke, fire and so on.

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