A WIND OF CHANGE: George Orwell, Jeremy Thorpe, Lord Mandelson, Andy Coulson and George Osborne

I throw it open to all those Sloggers who think none of these examples below might suggest things have changed somewhat over the last 70 years.





In the 1940s, a committed democratic Socialist novelist was prepared to send himself to jail in order to underpin the arguments he put forward.

By the 1970s, a senior member of the political Establishment was required to resign immediately – purely for having been accused of conspiracy to murder….but he stayed out of jail thanks to perhaps the most biased Judicial summing up in history at that time.

By the 1990s, the twice-collared Peter Mandelson had to resign over each bit of alleged corruption…but stayed out of jail by never coming to trial…and then became a Peer, from which position he still exerts influence while simultaneously emitting twaddle.#

But in 2014, a man accused of using Class A drugs while frequenting prostitutes did not face charges, was rescued by a media jailbird….and didn’t resign. He became Chancellor of the Exchequer, from which position he told serial lies and then launched into the BBC for ‘bias’.

Similar things could be pointed out about many others in the current Westminster crop: Tim Yeo, Boris Johnson, Ed Balls, David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, Andy Burnham, and Jack Dromey.

So next time some braindead relativist tells you “plus reste la même chose” show him this post.

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