At the End of the Day

The first rule of dealing with authority in France (or more exactly, those who see themselves as in authority) is that it’s a bad idea to tell them they’re wrong. I went to pick up my nuclear family from Bordeaux airport this morning, and the BA flight they were on – due to arrive at 10.35 am from Gatwick – was delayed. The Easyjet flight – due to arrive at 9.55 am from Gatwick – was even more delayed. They both landed at 10.43 – thankfully, on different runways.

The distance between the arrival gates, however, involved the sort of endurance yomp for which Ranulph Fiennes is justly famous. And unfortunately for me, Aerogare de Bordeaux Renseignements had juxtaposed the scheduled original arrival times. So it was that streams of passengers (desperately clutching printed-off emails promising arrival times of loved ones) ran between Hall B Gate 1 and Hall billi Gate 6 harassing information desks. But as French officials are never wrong, the meet-and-greets knew not what to do. It goes without saying that the Info-providing folks didn’t display so much as a flicker of emotion about the chaos; for it is after all their job not to look panicked in a crisis.

You might think that a place called ‘billi gate 6′ might be (a) a cartoon about goats (b) a fish market or (c) the latest in a series of conspiracy movies. I couldn’t possible comment.

But we’re all back here now at Sloggers’ Roost, tree lights are glowing, Mistletoe is hanging, and my granddaughter has been watching a cartoon about dragon swaps. I must tell my close chum Lloyd Bankfine all about this, as dragon futures are a wheeze that even he and his mates at Goldin Sacks have not yet discovered. Stay long in dragons, that’s what I say…and it seems you can now swap bad dragons for good ones. For now, the practice remains within the confines of fantasy cartoons. But give it time.

We’re getting some extreme weather yo-yoing from -5 at night to +15 in the afternoons. The skies have a clarity and depth of blue that borders on Mediterranean, and the air is gently wafting wisps of wood-smoke around as winter gets a grip on the rural areas here. I love it like this: you can get gardeny things done in the afternoon, and then hunker down in front of a log-burner as it starts to go dark…in order to catch up on just how heinous the world has been since you last looked at the pc screen. I used to look at a thing called the TV screen, but I’ve realised now only the occasional decent movie and footie match not garnered by the slithery suckers of Octocorp is worth watching.

On my laptop this evening was the news that Ulster Bank has been cleared of defrauding SMEs, the Tesco scandal is rather more criminal than at first thought (City am wrong, Slog right haha), and there is a new Silk Road (or rather, railway) from Shanghai to Madrid:

‘The Yiwu-Madrid route across Eurasia represents the beginning of a set of game-changing developments. It will be an efficient logistics channel of incredible length. It will represent geopolitics with a human touch, knitting together small traders and huge markets across a vast landmass. It’s already a graphic example of Eurasian integration on the go. And most of all, it’s the first building block on China’s “New Silk Road”, conceivably the project of the new century and undoubtedly the greatest trade story in the world for the next decade.’

Eurasian integration is go for giving geopolitics a human touch. Have you ever read such complete bollocks in your entire life? No, I haven’t either. These lunatics are all so, so, so wrong. But just to compound the muddle, it has been confirmed that Saudi America’s oil price jamboree has required The Central Bank of Russia to loan Trust Bank 30bn roubles (£343m), and the Saudis themselves are now suggesting – just to be the constructive Islamic chaps they are – that the basement re this one could be $20.

So in that light, I am recommending to Sloggers tonight this Paul Craig Roberts piece (I’m not a fan normally) which is right on whatever one day replaces money…as this para demonstrates:

‘The Washington Morons Have Managed To Create A Chinese-Russian Alliance….“We believe that Russia has opportunities and knowledge to overcome the current problems in the economy. The Chinese-Russian relations of strategic partnership are at a high level, we are always supporting and helping our friend. If the Russian side needs it, we shall offer all possible support we may have,” the [Chinese] foreign minister said.’