EXCLUSIVE: In 2014 Q4 v Q3, just 24 more people in work….yet 30,000 fewer claimants.

The Slog will be watching closely at noon today to see if Ed Miliband will raise any of these points:

1. Does the Prime Minister or his Chancellor have any comment to make about the fact that, while there are in Q4 30,000 fewer unemployment claimants, there are just 24 more people in work?!?

What are the missing 29,978 living on now – nettle soup?

2. Despite Cabinet Office feelgood soundbites on unemployment, can the Prime Minister explain what he makes of:

– the static employment rate in Q4 compared to Q3

– the addition to those in work was smallest since Q1 2013

– the fall in unemployment was the smallest since summer 2013

– the numbers of economically inactive are still rising on every measure?

Does he agree with me that this suggests an artificial recovery running out of steam?

3. What justification can there possibly be for postponing the Chilcot Report (already four years overdue) until after the Election, and should there be a Free Vote in the House on the subject? Is Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition for or against this proposal?

Honest Johnny Slog is offering 100-1 against Ed asking the third one…

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