globalismpt11315Ted Levitt’s globalist fantasy turns into a nightmare

In an act of Pearl Harbor audacity, the US today revised its crude oil production upwards for 2015 amid signs that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will maintain production at current levels. This is, of course, yet another reason to take a baseball frack to Britain, given what we need is expensive and dangerously water-threatening fossil farts to get Britain powering forward.

But none it makes any sense unless you’re trying to crush a country whose export business depends on oil. For example, Russia.

I don’t hold so much as a wax-drip let alone a candle for Vladimir Rasputin, but this bollocks has gone far enough: if we split Ukraine into Russia-leaning vs Western-leaning parts, who dies, who loses, who is dispossessed?

The US and the EU look increasingly like two pea mutants in a sci-fi pod: it is not enough to accept peaceful co-existence, the enemy must be crushed…..even though it’s now clear to the Obama administration that the Ukrainian anti-separatists can’t win.

In order for Troika2 to achieve that “crush them” aim in relation to Greece, the newly rebranded Troika1 (you’ll have to excuse me, the new names keep coming through every hour) is back in Athens. I understand from unreliable sources that the latest version is ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’.

But Signor Dragqueen must be well-satisfied: the euro is near to Dollar parity – perfect for a currency conversion, what? – and with the Greek minimum wage at minus €3.50 an hour, we are Go for liftoff in Operation BeatAsians…..the bid to produce crap at an even lower price and shorter life than disabled North Korean goats can manage.

And of course – with a global sell-off related to oil-price depression – the counter-intuitive news from the gold sector is that the price has done with testing $1160, and is moving on to take a poke at $1150….which it challenged briefly this evening CET, and now stands at $1154.

In the next episode of Acropolis caught in the headlights of Apocalypse, The Slog tackles the key issue of the day: have we gone from war as an extension of business into business as a field-weapon of war?